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Southern Sisters Designs specializes in jewelry with a camo and country flair. However, it is important to us that we don't just manufacture or sell some of the cheap type settings or use cheap steel on these rings. One of our favorite metals to use is the tungsten and then of course titanium. Most of our settings for the anniversary bands use titanium. We do this because it one of the most sought after ring metals and does a great job in the princess cut and similar prong settings. Most of the engagement and anniversary band for her or the ladies uses the princess cut.

For mens camo wedding bands we use tungsten. Without a doubt the men absolutely love this metal for the rings and for other jewelry items as well including his and hers bracelets and even necklaces. This is because it is so hard to scratch tungsten. The outdoors camo patterns that we use on the band rings goes great with silver or black. Both of these colors are available in tungsten. 

The width of the rings. For mot womens rings we have them available in sizes from 4 to 10 and some times 11. It is important to note that almost every ring that we sell is available in half or 1/2 sizes. So you don't have to get a ring resized nor do you have to try and make it work if you wear a 7.5 but have to wear an 8. The same is true with the mens rings. They are available in wide range of sizes typically from 6 all the way to 16 in half size increments.

We get a lot of compliments on the ring sets - especially any of the his and hers or matching sets but without a doubt the newest traditional camouflage on the black band is the hottest that we have to offer right now. You can get these in a typical band setting or you can ladies in a princess cut engagement type or wedding ring. The men's ring is super exciting to see and the unique mens ring is so much better than just a comfort fit black ring. It is a shine band made out of tungsten and the women's in titanium.

All of our rings have a 2 year warranty. Simply write us and let us know which ring needs to be replaced. We may ask for the original to be sent back before we send the replacement out. Yes, some people have taken advantage of our guarantees!

How Long Does It Take To Get The Southern, Country and Western, Camouflage and even Buck and Doe Rings?
Most rings ship within 1 business day. Every ring on our site either ladies or men's is a stock item. however, this doesn't mean that we won't run out from time to time. If this ever happens we will contact you to let you know. However, if we do run out the item is typically taken down from the website until we receive new inventory.

We are located in the heart of Dixie - the south - Atlanta Georgia. based out of Ga and Merica for nearly 15 years we have become one of the leading online places to find southern heritage apparel, clothing and jewelry. We have filled over 125,000 orders and still going strong. If you are looking for any country clothing or similar items including jewelry that you don't see simply drop us a line and we will be glad to help you out. 

Have a great year and if you see anything that you want simply order online. We have never had one instance of credit card fraud. Safe and Secure!