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Where Can I Buy Country Girl Bathing Suits - Bikinis and What Are The Top Sellers

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When it comes where to buy the best selling Country Style or Themed Bikinis and bathing suits for women - well that's easy. Southern Sisters Designs of course. I mean why not. We offer a huge selection of everything country, southern and of course camo which appeals to everyone. We have been in business for over 15 years an we have sold and shipped over 139,000 orders and closing in on 140,000 fast.

We get over 95% of our orders out within 1-2 Business Days and we ship from the USA all over American and to Canada as well. So there is the why. The question is what should you get when it comes to styling you new 2 piece, 1 piece, halter bikini. So let's get you some top selling options that are both trending and also of the timeless ones that are in style every year.

1) For party or spring break, beer drinking type vacations one of the better sellers is the Whisky Girl Bikini. This screams country girl fashion and it is one of the top sellers and has been since we created it 2 years ago. The bottoms are full but with a great cut and in black. We currently only offer black because when we offered other colors every body still only bought black. The logo is a whiskey label and anybody that knows Jim Beam, Jack Daniels or any of the other of the tennessee whiskeys. These are great for southern chicks but also for anybody that loves their drink, whiskey or party and that is a large audience. Country Girl Bikini with a great look - well this is our #1.

Where TO Buy Country Bathing Suits For her

2) Pink or Purple String Bikini with Black Camouflage Hunting Pattern. HOT to say the least. This was the hottest women's bathing suit that we had ending last year - which was a crazy year because of all that was going on. These are best sellers and you can get different sizes. We have quite a few different color outdoor patterns for the Huntress bikinis but this has jumped to the top this year. New and Trending is probably a bit of an understatement. These are also priced right at under $40. The fit is exquisite and offers a great fit every single time that you put it on. It accents the curves and is the perfect thickness to not give too much away. The cut is medium on the bottom. They are not granny lol but they are also not booty or thongs.

Get These Fast. Guaranteed To Sell Out Into the Spring. Southern and Country girls love their beach trips and trade in their Jeeps, Horses and Boots for the beaches - look your best! Here ya go yall!

Where Tu Buy Camouflage Bikinis Pink String

3) We are often asked by Mom's and some middle age to older women if we have any camo or country bathing suits that offer moderate or modest coverage. We do. Many are wanting to cover the stomach area for different reasons including just having a baby amongst others. Here is one of our top selling camouflage tankinis also called camo halter bikini by some of the hillbillies and search engines.

camouflag halter bikini top and bottom

We have a huge selection of Halterkinis or Halter Bikinis with stomach coverage on our bathing suits page. Click Here to see the different options and remember that we are always adding more to the many different categories of ladies swimsuits.