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Where Can You Find Women's Camouflage Dress Options For Your Specific Want?

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Camouflage Dresses Like T Shirt Bandage Beach Skater Skirt 

Camouflage dresses is really such a broad term because first of all there are the different patterns including the traditional army or military design and then of course the hunting, outdoors, leaves and trees pattern that is often associated with hunting and even fishing or camping. That is why we carry both!

But the which dress are you looking for? Are you looking for a camo t shirt dress, skater skirt, wedding, bridal party, tight or fitted bandage dress for hitting the clubs. Or maybe the maxi dress, full length, casual or something dressy for work.

That is why we carry many of these as well.

The wedding and the prom dresses we are just starting to get into to but the rest we are stocking. We are also bringing in the camo vest for men to wear with their suits for prom, weddings, best ma, groom etc. These are also most likely to be in by march.

1st Camo Tank Top DressClick Here to see the Camo Tank Top Dresses in the army print. These sell great especially during the spring and summer months of course. They are made from the woodlands outdoors military pattern. 

Women's Camo Tank Top Dress

2) Camo T Shirt Dress with the Army Pattern printed over the entire dress. Super comfy and used for more than just a casual out and about on the town dress. These are often used as night gowns, beach cover ups and just about anything else that makes sense. Traditional and top selling!

For Sale From Southern Sisters Designs

3) Women's Camo Jumpsuit are also hot year in and out. We have a hard time keeping these in stock once the weather warms up. If you are into army life, fashion, style then get this now because they will be flying off the shelves shortly....and why we do everything that we can to try and stay stocked it seems that the demand always seems to outweigh the inventory that we brought in.

Ladies Camouflage Jumpsuit with Pockets

Southern Sisters Designs is a leader in all things country, camo and southern with regards to fashion and style. We love beachin', riding, our sports, our racing and most of all our look when it comes to designing and selling the right clothes. Looking cute isn't just something we have fun with. It's our southern duty. Any Dixie raised lady knows this so give us a shot on your next order and let us ship you something special, cute and at a very fair price. Southern Sisters Forever! You've heard all the different southern sayings like Southern By The Grace of God. Kiss My Southern Sass, Country To The Country, Red White and Blue with a touch of Dixie. I Bleed Southern and Crimson. Dawg fan for life and all of the others. Yep That's us. If that's you click the link and get your cuteness turned up a notch or two.