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Why Is My Scalp So Crusty? And Itchy?

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Crusty Scalp Problems - Here Is The Best Solution and Why We Know!

I was about 14 when I first recall that I was having some serious crusty scalp problems. About the time that puberty was in full swing which meant so what my sebum production on my skin and scalp. My hair was definitely more oily than now but that was to be expected as a teen and the oil glands kicking into overdrive and causing other skin problems like acne etc that would clog up hair follicles. However, I was actually dealing with more than the occasional itchy head or scratching that most of us teens and adults deal with. 

My scalp problems including build up that was like a thin layer of crust on the scalp skin. When I dug my finger nails into it I could actually peel it a little bit. When I looked at the buildup that I was able to get I realized that it had a golden color to it. This got me trying to learn more. But though trial an error I did learn a few things.

I learned that scalp diet was important. I found that sugar and milk would cause what I would categorize as flair ups where I would get the build up but man I would also get some intense itching on the back of my head right above my neck, on the front hair line, around my ears and also on the very top or crown of my head.

I would later find out why this would happen and i will share it with you. 

Let me try to break it down and explain what I learned over about 15 years time. Knowing this will change your life for healthier hair, skin and also reduction of skin and hair problems that include what many would call dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis - seborrhea. 

All of us have a fungus living on our scalp and skin called malasezzia. This fungus is controlled in most of us. But it does flair on regular people also. This is why some people that don't wash their hair for an extended period of time or cleanse their scalp will have build up and itching. 

Also for some of us the malasezzia fufur fungus is more prominent. The reason is not 100% known but a lot of it has to do with excess anti biotics, sugar rich diets, lowered immune system..and is the cause with most of us - GENETICS. Which means that you will have to fight the good fight and make sure to take of your scalp on a regular basis and this will solve your out of hand scalp issues 

If You Have Slightly Oily To Extremely Oily then without a doubt the Shampoo that you need to be using is Zincplex. This shampoo, hands down does more to long term control and get rid of the symptoms of scalp build up, itching, seborrheic dermatitis and even helps with those that are suffering from weak, fragile hair that can even stop growing. Massive results have been reported from Zincplex users with some users dating back to 2005. 

What Makes Zincplex So Good for Your Scalp Problems?

The herbal mix but also and mainly the zinc pca. This natural form of zinc does wonders to limit excess oil production that the fungus feeds off of but is also is known to kill excess bacteria and fungus. 

But it gets better. Almost all of us that have scalp issues have clogged hair follicles and Zincplex, hands down is the #1 pick for opening clogged hair follicles for optimal hair growth but also by flushing the follicle chamber it gets rid of the fungus a bacteria that camps out in there that just about every other shampoo has no answer for. 

NO MEDICINE SMELL> HERBAL INSTEAD! See why Zincplex has been rated #1 for over 15 years as the best alternative, complete choice for scalp build up and itching oily scalps. 

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