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Locally Grown Lavender - Buds, Dried Flowers, Teas, Lotions, Salts, Natural Mists, Candles, Sachets and more!

Lavender Products are the rage and they should be. The natural aroma has been proven to give your emotions a feeling of uplifting and well being. But that is only the start. When it comes to natural benefits they are enormous for skin and hair. All the products that we sell are using locally, organically grown lavender. 

What Are The Benefits of Lavender

An extensive list would take some time but here is the feedback that we get along with what people say across the nation and the world. 

1) A Sense Of Upliftment and Well Being When Inhaled, Applied Topically Or Ingested Through Teas, Cookies Etc

2) No Side Effects Like Many Of The CBD products can give you

3) A Daily Does Through Smell, Taste or Touch Relaxes Your Mind and Your Body in Ways Other Things Can't. It has a cumulative effect.

4) A Natural Fragrance for Clarity - Fill the air with an aromatic potpourri  of the fresh dried buds or gift created scahets sachets to your friends and family. 

5) Amazing To Maintain Healthy Respiratory Function, Clearing on the nose and throat mucous

6) Relieves Hyped Nerves Through A Calming Tranquility and Sense Of All is Well

7) Amazing Sleep Aid.

8) One of the best Things To Use For Allergies

9) These are just a few of the top reasons why our customers USA FRESH, LOCALLY GROWN LAVENDER

What Can Its Buds and Flowers Be Used For?

DIY projects such as adding to or creating bath bombs, soaps, shampoos, body butters, scalp scrubs, sachet gift bags. bath salts, bath flower floaters and much more. 

Fragrant Options such as potpourri, night or pillow sachets, candles, flower bouquets, wedding tosses instead of confetti (one of our biggest sellers in sachet bags of lavender). There are so many uses for fragrant options. 

Cooking - used in salts, sugars, baking, teas, sodas, cookies, cakes, icing, lemonade enhancers and much more.

See Products Below That Will Allow Your To Create your Own DO It Yourself Lavender or Products Already Hand Made with Locally Grown buds and oils.