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Herbal Clarifying Shampoo Thyme Sage Fenugreek Ivy Burdock

  • Herbal Clarifying Shampoo Thyme Sage
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Product Description

Take 10 Years Off Your Hair With Herbal Clarifying Shampoo

Thyme Sage Burdock Articum Zinc From Root To Tip Health Cleansing - Remove Scalp and Hair Build Up!

Top Rated To Remove Product Residue - Scalp Build up & Open Hair Follicles: 

1) Years of Product Buildup, Excess Sebum, Hardened Or Dried Scalp Oils, Clogged Follicles.

2) Herbs and Zinc Melt Away Years of Sticky Residue and Build Up

3) Amazing for hair itching, flaking, yellow flakes, blisters, sores

4) Works Fast without Damaging The Scalp Skin

5) Create A Healthy Balance PH By Deep Cleansing The Hair Root to Irrigate Inside The Follicle

6) Open Clogged Hair Follicles or Scalp Pores

7) Cleanse The Root Of The Hair and Shaft from Buildup

8) Removes Waxy or Crusty Buildup


How Does This Deep Cleanser Work On My Hair and Scalp?

It does not just strip like many of the other "best clarifying shampoos".  It is a much gentler but also a much more effective process. It works by using herbs that literally melt away blockages and and any buildup from shampoos, hair sprays, gels, dry shampoos as well as all the junk and gunk like dirt and grime that get stuck. Many times there are mixtures of sweat, bacteria, yeast, mites that all get caught together and can cause a lot of tougher scalp problems like dandruff, severe itching, redness, umps, acne and more

So What is The Real Problem and What Can You Do?

Buildup is often times just the tip of the ice berg so to speak. Clarifying is one thing but to deep detox the hair from the build up and not just the scalp surface is what you need to do. This means that the sebum plugs on the scalp that can be hard have to be melted away. Most hair products can not even come close to doing this. This is exactly what our shampoo is designed to do. DEEP CLEANSE not just the scalp but also the roots of the hair where build up can harbor other scalp issues that can be long term if not dealt with. 

What Causes This Imbalance On the Scalp and In the Follicle?

Years of products that we use for cleansing and styling but also the scalp oils inside the hair follicle combine with keratin and you get hardened oils accumulation that traditional products can not get rid of. Over time they allow bacteria and fungus and even mites and yeast to grow out of control and then the problems really begin. 

This Shampoo Has Been Voted To The Top For Nearly 20 Years!

1) Herbal Extract Combination that includes deep cleansing and sebum herbs of sage, deep cleansing and irrigating thyme, ivy burdock-articum and also a very important herb fenugreek . Together these loosen up keratin, sweat, oils, yeast, bacteria, fungus, mite and sebum mixture. The result is hair that grows as it should

2) Zinc is known as nature's most potent anti bacterial mineral and anti-fungal. Removing the bond between the build up and the microbes is vital for a healthy scalp and hair. Most products do nothing for this. 

3) The herb Articum is a great purifying and detox herb for the hair root and bulb as well as the shaft. Also great for optimal growing hair in men and women which means less breakage, healthier shine, more life and bounce which makes it much easier to style.

4) Sticky Hair Sprays, Gels, Sticky Shampoo Residue - Get Rid of It. Start Today


#1 Shampoo For:

  • Closed or Clogged Hair Follicles
  • Product Buildup On Scalp
  • Open Pores On Your Head
  • Congested Scalp
  • Large or Enlarged Pores On Scalp
  • Waxy Build Up In Hair or On Head
  • Heavy or Weighted Hair
  • Lifeless or Drab Looking 
  • Clogged Follicle Openings




Article Written By Bella Shaw of Southern Sisters Designs




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  1. Wish I would have tried this sooner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2021

    really good. amazing how much I needed this. I had seen reviews on zincplex over the years but never bought it. Wish I had years ago. would have saved me a lot of grief.

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