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Where To Find Men's Camo Wedding Bands

What men's camo wedding bands should you be looking at. Camouflage jewelry has always been a staple in the design arena for many different jewelry items for both men and women. You have probably seen bracelets, wrist bands, dog tags, his and hers matching rings and much more. Within the past 8 to 10 years options for country girl and southern style jewelry items have gone through the roof. So what should you be looking for when purchasing rings.

Most people that the cost of the ring is a good indicator of the quality of the ring. While this can be somewhat true there are a lot of people selling the typical stainless steel rings, bracelets and necklaces for over $100. These are by fa the cheapest and in our opinion you should stay away.

Many years ago we started working with jewelry experts to design and find the best rings but also to make sure that we are using the best metals. We wanted to be able to put a warranty behind the rings and necklaces that we sell. Southern Sisters Designs is a well respected brand that has been in the market for over 15 years. By putting a warranty on the ring we felt that it would help customers to understand how we feel about the quality of the ring. 

All of our rings and jewelry items have a 5 year warranty! Why can we do this? Simple. If you are looking for the very best quality then make the manufacturers back it up and we do. We use two primary metals which are both tungsten and titanium. We use these because of feedback from our customers and our own personal beliefs. If I personally were to buy a ring I would want it to be either titanium or tungsten. The cost is not enormous but the quality is through the roof. They are very, very tough to scratch, dent or chip. The color does not fade and lustre remains. 

For these reasons we feel absolutely 100% positive that we are using the best metals but we are also offering them at a great price. Many companies will charges 100s of dollars for these. We do not. We manufacture a lot of these rings and with volume comes lower prices. Most of our rings are well below $100 for the set - yes for both his and hers.

Southern Sisters Designs is well known for its country designs and southern traditions style. But we are also known for our quality camouflage wedding rings for both him and her. Whether you are looking for a set or individual rings for women or men then we have you covered. 

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We have over 60 Different Southern an Country Related rings that are sure to make your special occasion or gift unique and extraordinary. These are great for any time of the year from Valentines, Engagements, Popping The Question, Promise, Wedding sets or Individual rings for girlfriends, wifes or soon to be - fiances. ask us any questions that you might have. 


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