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American Flag and Patriot Face Masks

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If you are looking for American Flag face masks then let us help you to not only buy some of the very best but also understand what makes these masks so important. 1stly these masks use the True American Flag print on a larger print that does a great job of fitting both women and men. 2ndly when it comes to products made in America it is hard to find companies that offer these different options that can ship quickly. Our USA Stars and Stripes masks typically ships within 1-5 business days. We do offer stock on these but they sell very, very fast so make sure that you do understand that it can sometimes take up to 5 business days to ship.

Patriotic Red White and Blue Face Covering and Masks

American jobs! With these masks you do help with American jobs. When you buy Southern Sisters Designs Designer face coverings you are helping to support American jobs including different aspects of the process from sales, bloggers, shippers, printing and other processes. Finally manyy of our masks are filter slotted for those that want to change out the filters. Not all of our designer masks are this way but most are. 

We do also carry the Don't Tread On Me American Face Masks in yellow with the Rattlesnake logo. These are top sellers as well and is often worn by those in the military such as Army and Marines. 

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Where Can You Buy Floral -Flower Print Masks - Guaranteed To Ship in 2 Business Days

Designer Cloth Face Masks are exactly what everybody is looking for. The cloth masks are reusable, washable and multi layered. The purple, sky blue and also red flower design is what most woman are buying from our store. Remember that these are guaranteed to ship in just 2 business days if ordered by themselves. If [...]

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Where To Buy Cloth Face Masks Online Made In the USA

One of the questions that we get asked a lot is about face masks. Things changed literally overnight with imports include the fabric that was coming from overseas getting shut own fast. The US Customs and Outgoing Sorting all went to hand. This meant that many supply orders that were supposed to arrive are taking [...]

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More Face Masks Required and More Coming for Employees Consumers and Business Owners

Things got crazy fast and the world we know just changed. One of the things that most Governors, Representatives and even those high up at the CDC are saying is that there will be some new requirements when it comes to face coverings while in public. Most people think it is a big change or [...]

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CDC Recommends Face Masks - California Governor Orders Face Masks - Get A Mask!!!

The CDC i recommending face masks for people in contact with others or out and about. The California Gov just made it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks. You will hear some say that cloth masks don't work as well etc. The truth is that the Medical Face masks are for the doctors and [...]

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Happy St Pattys Day - Getting Ready For Bikini and Bathing Suit Season and ...Camo Is Green!

Here we are with things being a little bit different than the usual St Patricks Day. We won't be going to the bar tonight to celebrate st pattys but we will be celebrating it. There is a lot out there right now that has a lot of people staying at home and being smart to [...]

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Unique Apparel and Rings That Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Your Life

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