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Brand New Bachelorette Panties and Funny Party Gifts Like Funny Lingerie

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Funny Bachelorette Party Panties, Thongs, Lingerie That Are Themed and Hilarious

Here is a new Top 10 Southern Sisters Bachelorette Panty Guide List.

Southern Sisters is one of the favorite stops for those that are looking to get some of the latest and most applicable gifts that will surely steal the show. One of our goals is to create some of the tp[ sellers that are relevant to your theme and party ideas. This means that is the bride to be is marrying a fire figther we have funny panties as Rescue My Kitty Panty for Bridal showers and bachelorette gifts. We also have Racing makes my engine purr which is great for the bride to be that have grooms to be that love Nascar Racing or Stock Car, Motorcycle racing and more.

We have quite a few different themes including Star Wars Lingerie, Play On Words, Army Lingerie or Dress Up Underwear. One of our best sellers is matching couples underwear that is funny and themed. These are just a few of our top sellers. You can find our funny panties for women here and of course get them for your bride to be or for yourself for any occasion that fits. We have the top selling funny bachelorette panties You May Now Bang The Bride.

1) We all know who is in charge and this is one of the newest top selling funny bachelorette underwear thongs for the bride to be. A great gift and funny with I DO but of course it has to have WHAT I WANT written underneath for the spoiled bride to be.

Bridal Thongs

2) Matching Bride and Groom Underwear for Couples is always a top seller and of course a great idea that most people want to order but just don't know where to get. Great for semi sexy pics to let everyone know the honeymoon is going fine. This is also a great way to document the wedding and honeymoons! You can also buy this couples matching underwear set on Amazon.

Matching Couples Underwear Bride and Groom

3) Looking for Nascar Panties or Nascar Lingerie. Here is one of our top sellers for Bride and Groom to be that love The Races including Nascar, Motorcyle, Truck and mud races to name a few.

Nascar Panties for Women

4) Star Wars LingerieStar Wars Lingerie and Panties for the Girlfriend and Boyfriend, Bride Groom looking for a Star Wars Theme Bachelorette Party. These Star Wars Thongs For Men feature the Storm Trooper on the front of the Ladies Thong.

Southern Sisters Storm Troopers Sexy G String Thong Lingerie Bottom

5) Add Custom Name to the Star Wars Panties for Women with Use the Force Printed on the Front. These are great funny bachelorette panties that use Yoda and one of the great sayings from the Star Wars movies. Any Star Wars themed bachelorette parties or Valentines Surprises - we got ya covered.

Southern Sisters Use The Force Custom Underwear Thong Personalized Add Text

6) Here is another great Star Wars Underwear for Women option that has the printing on the front of these sexy booty shorts. It uses the Star Wars Font.

Star Wars Lingerie

7) Disney Themed Thongs or Women's Underwear? We have got you covered. Here is one for Tinkerbell fans... that love their wine or favorite alcoholic beverages. We call it Drinkerbell and it makes a great Disney Funny Lingerie gift that is perfect for weddings and of course honeymoons. We love this one and is a staff favorite. Disney Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Party gift.

Disney Panties For Women

8) Pilot Lingerie or Sexy Panties we have those too and yes they are top sellers for any sexy or special occasions for your pilot and this includes bachelorette and bridal shower themes or even celebrating the graduation to become a pilot. Girlfriends, Fianc├ęs and Wives may have been looking all over for pilot themed sexy costumes or dress lingerie items. Here ya go!

Southern Sisters You Get It Up and I'll Land It Women's Novelty Panty Boy Short

10) Can't Leave out The Stoner Lingerie or Thongs for Couples that Smoke Together. Yes, we actually do sell a lot of these. Don't forget that pot is legal in most states now so put your judgement aside and check out the Smile High Club Thong and Booty Short Panties. These are purchased for so many different occasions and to be honest absolutely no occasion at all. Weed panties? yep we have them!

Southern Sisters Women's Smile High Club Thong Novelty 420 Weed