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Camo Ring Set With Hers and His Choices Including Black Pink Teal and More

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One of the most asked questions of the day is what we have to offer with regards to the different camo ring set choices and also how good are the rings. In other words are the rings cheap or are they good quality? Today I am going to jump right into it with some of best sellers and why they sell so well. But before I do I want to explain that we are not just a mom and pop type online store that buys a few rings and sells them Over the last 12 years we have packaged and filled over 127,000 orders. I want to tell you that because any store that has done that much has to be offering premium products and we do.

What Are The Camouflage Band Rings Made Out Of?
Our band ring sets or individuals are made from either tungsten or titanium. In our opinion these are the two absolute best metals to use. They look amazing with regard to luster, shine but they also last and are not easily dented, cracked, they don't fade and they are tough. Now also note that there are different grades of each of these metals as well. We use the highest grads of both. For men's we really enjoy using the tungsten. It is almost impossible to do damage, not even chip a high quality tungsten ring. We use a lighter weight but very durable. These also hold the inlay patterns very well. For the engagement rings we often use titanium. They also have an amazing luster and shine and are very durable. We love them because they allow us to use the princess cut and hold the stone well. Titanium is considered top of the line in the jewelry metals. Of course it will never turn any other color or fade. 

What Are The Best Selling Sets That Southern Sisters Designs Has?
After years of selling these I can tell you that the opinion definitely lies in the eye of the beholder. That is why we offer so many different choices, however we do have some genuine top sellers and I will list a few of these here.

The top seller for engagement ring set that is often used for Anniversary gifts as well is the pink camo engagement band with the men's traditional inlay on the band. The women's is titanium pressed into a princess cut 4 prong holding. The man's matches and they both have 2 year warranties on the inlay and 5 year warranty on the ring itself. These will last and we guarantee it. 

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Our top selling band set with the tree huntress inlay is the men's traditional woods pattern and black band and the women's black band with the traditional hunting pattern. They are both on bands with the men's sized at 8mm width and the women's at a 6mm width. You can pick your sizes from 4 in women's all the way up to 16 in mens. 1/2 sizes are available for anybody that is looking for the perfect. Yes, we do also offer exchanges for anybody that is not 100% satisfied with the fit. 

His and Hers Set in Black Tungsten Band And Outdoors Hunting Pattern

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Customers Send Us In Their Reviews - Here A Few!

"I am so glad I ordered from Southern Sisters Designs. Love the quality of the ring. I really just jumped out at me the second I opened the package. I noticed that over the pat few days it really doesn't get less shiny. A lot of my jewelry has to be shined a lot this one does not. I just looked down at my hand and saw it on there and thought I would drop you an email." Tina Grey - Alabama

"I got my order super fast - thanks. Also they really do look better in person. I know your pictures are good but much better in person and especially on somebody's hand like mine. lol"   Melody Parks - Texas