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Camouflage Rings For Her and Him

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Its that time of year when everybody is getting the ring shopping done. It might be about that time to propose or maybe you are about to tie the knot. Or maybe your wife or girlfriends wants more ring options to wear. But, they want yours to match. lol

Yes, its the season for matching camouflage rings for her and him and it could be for the girlfriend, soon to be wife or the anniversary present for the wifey of many years. It truly doesn't matter the occasion. For the past 14 years we have been researching, buying, trying and of course finding the very best in camo jewelry that is perfect for couples or if you choose just for her or him.

When it comes to southern traditions camo is definitely one of them. There are over 10 different colors and about 20 different ring styles out there that are available but we have save you a lot of time by working with customers and clients to find the very best. Here are some of our top sellers. Remember that we have sold over 125000 orders and many more products over the past 14 years so as country and southern traditionalists we think that we have it figure out! So leave it to us - here ya go and yee yee!

Not new but definitely timeless with this hers Princess Cut CZ Stone in a 4 prong setting. These are both made out of titanium which is one of our favorite metals over stainless steel and even sterling silver. It will not dent scratch or chip very easily which is really good for the men's ring. These rings have a 2 year warranty but we will replace just about any issues up to 5 years. Remember that a warranty is only as good as the company behind it and we have been in business for over 14 years.

The bands are matching for both his and hers. It is the traditional color camo hunting pattern. The pattern does replicate but can be slightly different on the two different rings. Not because the pattern is different it is just long so no ring will be exactly alike. The sizes range from 4 all the way to 10 with half sizes in between for hers and from 7 to 16 in his with once again 1/2 sizes available to get that perfect comfort fit.

These are not cheap rings stainless steel rings. These are premium however we do not feel like we have to charge $100s of dollars for these. We offer these a great value and yes we believe that others sell the same quality for a lot, lot more. It is very much up to you whether you prefer to pay more on. The huntress in her and the hunter or fisherman in him will love these. If your hobbies including hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, outdoors and similar then this might be another great ring from you!

If you would like this same ring but in just camouflage wedding bands then visit here as they once again come in similar sizes and are matching for hers and his. These are tungsten based but do have the exact same pattern with the silver tone bands on both. These are a stock item for us and ship very fast from the South East USA. We are patriots and love our Country so if there is anything that are trying to get that represents heritage, southern, country, Merica or similar please let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.

If you are looking for other colors such as snow white, orange blaze, purple, red or any other please visit our page that is just for jewelry and you can search from there to find both women's and men's on both black and silver based rings. We also have a large selection of bracelets, necklaces both individuals and also couples sets. These are great gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.