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Christmas Panties For Women Including Santa, Elf and More

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Our other Christmas Thongs for women - post got so much love and a lot of questions that are adding a few more here that are top sellers and grea way to have some serious fun over the Holidays. Forget pumlkin spice. This is all the spice that you will need. From sexy elves to a sexy panty for Mrs. Clause - you gotta love these. So be a Ho Ho Ho or better yet be Santa's favorite Ho this year.

1) Santa's Favorite Ho Christmas Panties For Women to get into the Holiday spirit! Red in color and made from a spandex based material that will help to hug and acentuate your curves every single time that you wear them. They have quite a few different size optios available.  

Sexy Christmas Panty For Women

2) Dear Santa Define Good Panties for women in the form of Sexy Christmas Panty boy shorts. We love these for anybody to be honest. Hilarious and brings in the sexier side of Santa and Christmas.

Santa Lingerie

3) Whoville Grinch Boy Short Panties. If you think Christmas, well should mean a little more then these might just be perfect for a holiday spice. Also available in G String Thong. Its hard to find good Grinch Type Christmas Lingerie. These sell fast with limite supply so get them now. 

Grinch Womens Boy Short Panty

4) Whoville Grinch Thong with G String Sides ad Traditional Thong Panty front and back. Once again these sell really fast so order now. Don't wait!

Grinch Thong Lingerie