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Don't Tread On Me Patriotic Board Shorts and Ladies Bikinis - See Our Best Selling Swim Shorts!

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Every year we have people asking us what we are coming out with next when it comes to the bikinis and board shorts. We get it. Because every year we surprise everybody and lead with a brand new, unique swim short that everybody loves and we sell out pretty fast. So this year customers are wanting to get to them before we sell out. 

But before we introduce what we have coming let's talk about what we have coming back that we sold out of so quickly last year. Because the demand is sky high again so we are letting you in on it before they sell out again. 

Our Don't Tread on Me Gadsden Flag Men's Board Short In Black . Now we can also do this in women's but you will have to contact us for those. Don't Tread on Me Is A popular patriotic saying and used a lot by soldiers and military/ We have taken the rattle snake and the popular logo and added it the front thigh of the men's bathing suit. Without a doubt very simple but man everybody loves it. Here is what it looks like!

Don't Tread On Me Bathing Suit

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Women's Don't Tread On Me Swimwear

Click Here For the Women's Bathing Suit Gadsden Flag

Adopted by the men in service including the Navy, Army and Marines this is one of the most powerful USA logos. We have a lot of army and marine wives order these to show support for the men in service and to represent the most powerful country is the world - the USA - lover Merica baby!

The first naval mission received the Flag to fly at mast  - it was sent by Christopher Gadsden. 

The first Marines that came from Philadelphia marched with drums and on them were the coiled timber rattlesnake with exactly 13 rattles and written was "Don't Tread on Me." This is where the phrase was first recorded and began and started the flag with the symbols that we see today. To Learn About The Gadsden Flag Click Here

Before this flag there was also the The Liberty Tree Flag Flow by George Washington and the Cruisers. On this flag was the motto - Appeal to Heaven" see here

We also have these in t shirts, tank tops and hoodies for anybody that is looking for different apparel choices. These are all stock items for us and typically ship very fast. Contact us with any questions. Also check out our other 1776 Freedom Ring Apparel that is great for 4th of July and Memorial Day! Thankful to the men and women of this country that fought and gave their lives for me - us to be free and experience things that so many take for granted! Thanks to our military and armed services. While others are kneeling we are standing with our hands fixed over our hearts in a gesture of love for the love that you have shown us by defending us to be the best country in the world. Thanks!