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Grandma Bear and Mimi Bear Matching Outfits with Grand Baby Boys and Girls

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Grandma and Mimi Bear Shirts That Match Onesies and Tees For Grand Baby and Toddlers

If you are looking for a great baby shower gift for grandmas and also mimis then we have a great idea for you. The mimi bear and matching baby onesie or tee is an excellent idea. These are also great for mother's day gifts for grand mothers. Why not they look great and everyone loves the bear family shirts. These are in gender neutral grey shown but they also come in grandbaby boy blue as well as baby girl pink. 

So here is our 1st best seller for grandma bear shirts and it includes the option to buy the matching baby onesie separately that matches the grandmas! Grey means perfect gender neutral or unknown baby. Grandma and Baby Bear Shirt or outfit. 

Matching Grandma Bear Shirt and Baby Bears Romper Or Toddler Shirts Sold Individually

If you prefer just to buy the grandma bear shirt by itself with sizes up to 3x then you can do that here. These are available in pink, baby boy blue and also the grey as shown. 

Matching Mimi Bear Shirt and Baby Bears Romper Or Toddler Shirts Sold Individually

This is the matching mimi and baby bear outfit that is great for so many different occasions including birth announcement shirts for grandmothers, nanas and of course mimis but also mommy daddy pregnancy announcement shirts that everyone loves getting when they find out that their kids are now going to have a baby and they are going to become grandparents. 

You can also find mommy and daddy pregnancy shirts or announcement shirts for parties, to send in the mail for announcements or just to wear out and about. This is one of our favorite shirts for gifts and bachelorette parties but also to send in the mail for birth announcements. 

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