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How To Heal Bleach Burns and Prevent Scars on the Skin and Scalp

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Will Bleach Burns Heal On Their Own?

When it comes to the different beauty things that we do to our skin and hair we do put ourselves at risk as clients and also as those performing the procedures. Bleach is one of the staples in the hair industry but it is not the only chemical that can burn the skin and scalp. Many of the hair dyes and coloring products have different harmful things that if they get to your skin can cause some damage. Knowing that you have and how to treat a bleach burn may not be the easiest to figure out but truthfully it doesn't matter. What matters is that you get to any burns on the skin and head quickly to prevent long term damage.

Affects Of Burns That Are Left Untreated

When skin is damaged through any type of burn there are many different natural phenomena that are set in place. Part of what determines how bad things are is how deep is the burn. For example sun burns typically affect the outter most parts or layers. However chemical burns can be much deeper. The most important thing that needs to happen is the skin renewal process must be perpetuated. This means that the inflammation response reduced and new skin cells rapidly formed. There is one oil that we have found to be the best by a long shot when it comes to helping....

What Can You Do To Help Prevent Long Term Damage and Scarring

1) Reduce Inflammation and Reduce The Clumping of Platelets That Causes Scarring

2) Accelerate the Healing Process

3) Give The Skin Cells All That They Need To Reproduce Fast and Correctly


The Omega acids in Emu Oil are not only some of the most concentrated but they are also known to penetrate the deepest into the skin. One of the main problems in the past is that anything used to help or assist burn simply set on the top of the skin. Emu Oil has been proven to penetrate deep into the levels of the skin where some of the chemical burns can also affect. This is very important to note it will heal at even the deepest levels. Preventing scarring also means that hair can grow back as it should. The pores and follicles do not have the melted skin act like graft and cover the opening. Important to note that it also feeds omega directly to the hair root. Skin and hair are the two fastest reproducing cells on the body. They need the omega's, the nutrition in pure form. If you are looking to learn how to treat bleach burns on the scalp or skin then understand our go to is always Emu Oil and to be honest that is pretty much all that we use in those situations.

Here are some other benefits of Emu Oil:

1) Known To Thicken Thin Skin

2) Omegas Help To Directly Feed Skin and Hair

3) Anti Bacterial and Anti Fungal Properties

4) The Best Product We Know For Scars

5) Often Used In Shampoo To Eliminate Dry Scalp and Hair Issues

6) Works To Prevent The Hormones That Cause Hair Loss and Thinning in Women and Men

7) One of the Strongest Anti Inflammatory for People That Deal With Irritated Scalp and Skin Problems

8) One of the Best Things That You Can Use On Scalp Sores and Scabbing

9) Prevents Scars From Head Sores and Scabs as well as Blisters

10) Eliminates Dry Skin, Scalp and Hair when use in Different Hair Products Or Directly As A Topical Oil