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King and Queen Crown Rings and Apparel Like Tank Tops and Shirts

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King and Queen Crown Rings For Couples

Click Here To See These Matching Her King and His Queen Ring Set!

When it comes to getting something that is a best seller and has bee for years then we can tell you - couples love the king and queen items. For those that are just getting married or for anniversaries and those renewing vows etc, they all loves these king and queen rings, jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, hoodies, tank tops and much more. 

This is also a great gift for honeymooners or just married. So which of our crown items are the best sellers. The top of the list is the His Queen and Her King Matching Couples Rings. You can get these in black tungsten or silver titanium. We love both of these metals are they are the highest quality and last the longest, oh yeah and they look the best to say the least. We have these rings in sizes ranging from 4 in hers all the way up to 16 in his and all of them are available in matching colors or you can mix and match.

Our 2nd best seller are the black tungsten set that is available in the same sizes. These are not cheap stainless steel rings. These are high quality and while we couple easily charge over $100 a set we choose to charge what we feel is a fair price for a super high quality set for couples. 

Black King and Queen Matching Ring Set for Him and Her

Click Here To Visit These On Our Site in Black With The Her King and His Queen Inscription Engravings. To be honest this is my favorite but I would probably be that girlfriend and get my guy to buy both the silver and black. hehe. If you haven't ever worn a tungsten or titanium ring then you really need to give these a try. Super comfortable fit and lightweight on the fingers but lasting. These rings all have a 5 year warranty. They are guaranteed to be free from effects, cracks, fading, streaking etc.

Great Wedding Gifts or Anniversary Presents:
Give these to the honeymoon couples to wear out and about while on the honeymoon or let your girl or guy know they are still your king or queen and give them these rings. All orders ship fast as these are a stock item for us.