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M & M From Baby Clothes To Bikinis to T Shirts and Hoodies - We Got You Covered!

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We have all grown up eating the luscious, creamy treat of M&M candies. The story of the little chocolate candy that was first found on British soil, then made it all the way to our shores at the turn of the century to make adults and children smile all over the world ever since. The amazing thing about this candy that “melts in your mouth and not in your hand” is the following and excitement found around the merchandise and memorabilia made with the M&M colors and likeness.

In the mid-1990’s the M&M brand had lost its lofty status at the top icon of the candy regime and they reached out to an agency called BBDO and they were responsible for the idea of taking the colors of the M&M candies and develop them into characters that could act in a type of “comedic troupe” that could spread the word (and regain the status) of the amazing M&M’s. They created quite a splash and quickly regained the marketplace they had originally lost.

From that point, the rest is really history. The M&M “Franchise” is a billion-dollar industry of cannisters, commercials, plush dolls, toys, variations of the candy and of course clothes. The iconic “M” shirts in the vibrant colors of the M&M candies are a recognizable and relatable as any logo on the planet. The shirts are used all over the world for team building at a work convention, to the recreational softball league on the weekend, the joy of a family reunion, or a cute gift for the little one, the M&M branded shirts are crowd pleasers for sure and great gifts anytime, anywhere.

At Southern Sisters Designs we have the M&M logo shirts you are looking for. These premium shirts come in youth, adult and adorable baby onesies. With sizes to fit “tiny to tall” you can deck your crew out in all the same color or let the rainbow of choices allow each person to show their own individuality. The choice is yours and shipping is always free!

kids M&M Shirts

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We now carry m & m bathing suits and even cover ups. We don't know of anybody else that is carrying or manufacturing these. These are great for all year round but especially on that beach trip of pool visit. For the bride tribe pick your color m m on the back of the bathing suit!

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Southern Sisters Designs has been offering top quality apparel with a focus on county and specialized t-shits.We We are is very concerned about the quality of out items including our hoodies, lounge apparel, baby clothing and children's or kids clothes to name a few - we can also offer whatever t-shirt or clothing choice you might need so please contact us. Thank you for visiting our site and be safe!