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Naughty Panties For Women With Sayings or Writing for Bachelorette Wedding and Just Fun

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Naughty Is Nice When It Comes To Wedding Showers and Bachelorette Party Bridal Gifts

Everyone acts so very prim and proper until the shenanigans begin and then when the bride to be and now fiancé start to open the gifts everything starts to change. The wine and beer starts to flow and the stories start to come out. This is where we come in. Foe nearly 20 years we have been coming up with some of the best bachelorette party gifts....well let us rephrase....we have been coming up with some of the funniest, raunchiest and down right sexy, naughty bachelorette panties, underwear, thongs, crop tops and bridal shower lingerie gifts. 

These not only make for a great wedding night and honeymoon for the bride and the groom but also very much these naughty panties for women or naughty panties for the bride with sayings that are yes sexy but also very telling and often times have a story to go with them.

Here are some of our favorite for the crazy and wild bride to be to shy, calm but freaky fiancé with the side that most don't know about...but you do and here we go with the different thongs, panties and lingerie options for the bride at the bachelorette party. 

1) Personalized Wedding Thong with XOXO Print. Not So Naughty But A Great Best Selling Bachelorette Thong is the All Yours with XOXO printed on the front of it. 

Southern Sisters Custom XO XO Love All Yours G String Thong

2) I'm Your Huckleberry Bachelorette Thong. We love this one because who doesn't love the Tombstone movie and Doc Holidays famous lines in this movie. We also have the matching funny grooms underwear as well. Funny Thongs are always a big hit for the bachelorette parties and bridal showers.

Southern Sisters Choose Funny Women's Underwear

3) Drinkerbell Disney Thongs for women that are absolutely perfect for just about any bride that was a Disney princess her whole life. Disney lingerie can be hard to find for adults and this one is great especially for brides and grooms that love the Disney wedding theme or concept.

Southern Sisters Novelty Underwear Drinkerbell Fairy Womens G String Thong

Funny Naughty Bachelorette Panties
Now Lets Start To Get A Little More Naughty For Super Funny Bachelorette Panty and Thong Gifts and Surprises for the Bride and Also the Brides Maid. 

1) His Other Ride Is A Truck Funny Bachelorette Panties is one of our favorite for any Groom that loves his truck. We have heard the term truck sluts for country girls that love the trucks. Well here ya go. 

Sexy Country Girls Panty His Other Ride is A Truck Boy Short Novelty Funny Underwear

2) Use The Force Star Wars Thongs for Women that are perfect for funny bachelorette gifts that are a bit sexy and of course naughty....make the bride blush with these. You Can Also Get Custom Funny Bridal Thongs here. Funny personalized thongs are great for many occasions from valentines weddings and the day itself to birthdays and of course the hilarious panty parties. 

Star Wars Bachelorette Panties

Personalized Naughty Panties

4) Tonight Is Bottoms up Sexy Naughty Panties that work for so many occasions including bachelorette and wedding or bridal shower gifts that are a bit on the naughty side. 

Tonight Is Bottoms Up Thong Country and Western Panty