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Rebel Flag Tank Tops For Ladies and Men - Southern Pride For The Heritage of The South

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Every year we get people asking if we are going to quit selling the Rebel o Confederate Flag Tank Top For Men and Women. Of course they also ask about the Dixie Flag Swimwear, Bathing Suits, Board Shorts, T Shirts and more. The answer is that we do not plan to. The news and within the past 3 years politics has played a role in defining the flag. However, what it really means and stands for should be really be researched. And without getting into details here I can tell you that for 95% of the South it had nothing to do with hate.

The Battle Flag was a symbol of the south to fight for freedom. To fight against what they believed to threaten their way of life and their families. Years later it was symbol of being southern plastered on the side of Dale Earnhardt Jr's race car and the Dukes of Hazard General Lee. While the hush has worked on many we believe in southern traditions - none of which have to do with hate. So yes, unless we are forced to quit selling any of our southern traditions lines we will continue to sell them. we love Dixie and the funny sayings. We love what we have to offer the rest of the USA and the world. Yes, some of us are complete rednecks and some of us wear to much camo and use the word Merica' way too much. But we are also patriots and believe in the power of family, friendships, going to the beach, riding our horse, dipping and drinking to let off a little steam, relaxing on the river or lake, drinking our sweet tea and eating our cornbread. We love our football, softball and other sports and would do anything to defend not just our freedoms but the freedoms of those in the entire United States or America. So everybody get up off your 4 wheeler, strap on your favorite camo or redneck bikini and say yee yee because the land south of the border is filled with people that love this southern way of life and will defend our traditions and heritage but also support them with our Rebel Girl bikinis, bathing suits, tanks tops, beach towels, Dixie apparel an clothing that you may not find anywhere else in the world. We are not Rebels because of a Flag we fly. We fly our southern flag because we are Rebels from the Southern Way of Life! And at this point not really willing to give it up. So you might be a Redneck if you want to do any of the above listed!!!

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Rebel Kiss Southern Flag Camisole For Women

Another great selling ladies Rebel Tank Top is the camisole that also matches the boy short panty that we offer that are both in white. These are also a stock item and without a doubt a top seller and what we consider timeless. These come in several different sizes from petite to plus size. Gotta love the Dixie Kiss on the left side. Order now. A stock item so they ship fast. For nearly 15 years we have been a leader in Southern Flag and Pride apparel. Let us fill your next order!