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Unique Apparel and Rings That Tell The Story Of Who You Are And Your Life

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About Us: Southern Sisters Designs and Our Branded Apparel and Rings

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We have a lot of customers and website visitors that ask us about the fashion choices and also the jewelry items that we carry and why we decided to carry those. For example we do a lot of camo and we also do a lot of country inspired clothes and rings.

We were told a long time ago that if you love what you sell others will too. In other words sell what you would want to buy. This company has a lot of people with the same southern roots and upbringing. These country roots involve iconic tv shows like Dukes of Hazard, Nascar Races with Dale Jr, Hunting an fishing roots. We also love being out doors with hiking, camping and even mountain climbing. When other parts of the country are talking about their cars we are talking about our trucks and jeeps. When they are talking about rap we are talking about Miranda, Blake, Day Drinking and Pontoon boats. Its a different heritage and different way that if you grew up in the south you love. Not cowboys and indians but instead cowboys and cowgirl. A lot of barn brats, roping and riding, barrel racing and of course don't forget about monster truck races, mudding and 4 wheelers.

What We Love Represented In Products:

These are jut a few of the interests that inspired our jewelry, rings, necklaces, tank tops, tees, best friend and matching couples apparel and more. So when you visit our site you are also seeing the type quality as well as patterns that we love. And yes with it just about to turn spring you will see more of our famous country music and beaching tank tops pop up. We have a ton of different options and each one is hand selected by us - me too, to get you what we think you would want. From colors, to fit to sizes. With the rings you can see comfort fit versus regular. You can see about all the different metal choices that we would want ourselves. 

Yes, ladies when it comes to dressing up or down your boyfriend we have you covered with a lot of different country couples choices - from clothing to matching bracelets or necklaces. Need something for a party or maybe you want to get you friend that is getting married a great honeymoon gift - well we have a section for that as well. 

Part of Our Roots are At The Beach, Pools and Lakes! Guaranteed!

But when it comes to the summer, the beaches, the lake trips and days at the pool we have a whole new line up that is listed on our website and more to come. These are some of our hottest sellers tweaked and some complete new designs and creations. Check the colors and love the size and the way that these fit. We take all of the above into consideration. Love it, love it more and then come back and get the next new one that we have to offer.

Tankinis, Bathing suits and board shorts for women and men. We have these in many different patterns. We are patriots and love this country. We love and support the men and women in the military and in uniform that fight to protect it. 

American Flag Apparel,  Rings ad Beach Wear

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Therefore you will see a lot of different American flag items starting with jewelry, rings and also bathing suits. A lot of people get starts and stripes tank tops for Memorial Day and also 4th of July but in 2020 there is also the Olympics and then just to support our troops we offer a lot of different USA and America and even "Merica items and apparel for sale. They all sell great and we love to see those ship out the door to others that are super proud to wear the red, white and blue. We have Flag wedding and engagement rings, band or inlay rings for men, women or matching for couples that can be used for so many different reasons including proposals, girlfriends, wives, fiance gift sand anniversary gifts.

What's New With Southern Sisters Designs?
Every year we focus on what is trending. We want to stay on top of what is going on out there. This year we love some of the camo tanks with the American Flag on the pocket. We also love the newest i military camo jump suits or jumpers along with the new workout clothes. However, without a doubt one of our favorite and most new items are some of the shirts that make me laugh every time that I see them. For example - Thick Thighs and Thin Patience gets me every time. I also love some of the family tees that are full of funny sayings that I have heard my mimi or grand father say a lot. We will keep trying to come up with the best country and camo clothing with those funny and saracastic southern sayings and you keep checking back and let us know what you think of what we have to offer. 

Customer Reviews?

Stellar! Our review rating is 4.8 out of 5 which much highest than Amazon themselves. While we try to be perfect we are not. And while we try to resolve the issues some people can be very demanding and difficult to deal with fairly. So if you see a bad review (127 that we have seen). Remember that we have filled over 127,000 orders off this website alone as of 2020. That means that we have a .001 percent rate of issues with orders. When we ask the experts they tell us that is a stellar rating! So, remember there are certain services out there that charge you and only put up bad reviews - we have filled over 127,000 orders and counting with a very, very small percentage of issues. 

Does This Mean That People North of The Mason Dixon Line Should Buy From Us?

Cray questions and the answer is a resounding no! One of the best things about southerners is the southern hospitality. This is about interests and if you have the same taste in what we have to offer we are super thrilled that you would consider us. We strive to give you a great experience on our site.

What's The Best Way To Get In Touch with us?

On the bottom right part of our website is a chat with us icon. Click on that. If we are available to chat then it will be on. However, if for some reason we are helping somebody else or is it past office hours then leave a message. WE sped a lot of time on our live chat and answering emails left behind on the live chat. It is very easy for us to look things up or possibly handle any exchange that you might have. Some of the best times to get us on live chat are during normal business hours. Eastern Standard Time between 10 and 2 is the absolute peak and we do our best to have multiple people manning the live chat during those times.  However, if you don't get us leave a message and we will get back to you super quickly!

What is Bella's Favorite Country Song?

Easy... Gun Powder and Lead By Miranda Lambert!