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We Have Your Funny St Pattys Day Shirts and Apparel

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St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world annually on March 17th. It is both a cultural and religious celebration of the Irish people. This day is in honor of St. Patrick, one of Ireland’s infamous patron saints who died on March 17th (AD 385-461). As the Irish population transitioned to all parts of the world, so did the many Irish traditions associated with the holiday. How can anyone possibly think of St Patrick’s day without imagining a whole lot of green surrounding you, parades, parties, Irish dancing, leprechauns and green beer? And most importantly something to wear that lets everyone know you are celebrating this fun-filled day with family, friends and community. Also, let’s not forget the sacred Shamrock plant that shouts out to all living things that the rebirth of spring is on its on its way and always keeps the luck of the Irish with us! And of course, the Shamrock is green!

As a child I can remember the St. Patrick’s Day parades with such excitement, fun and amazement. Everyone, including the spectators, wore green whether it be a suit, a dress or a glorious hat. Even the horse’s tails were green and wore green face masks with their ears poking through!! Dogs wore green tee shirts and appeared to be Irish dancing as they pranced by the crowds. The bands played Irish music and spectators would sing and dance in tune to the music during the entire parade.

I can remember my mother saying she was glad I wore my St. Paddy’s sweatshirt to enjoy the parade as the wind made it a little cool. She would insist that St. Paddy was the correct nickname for St. Patrick’s Day and St. Patty would not do. Although the controversy of the correct nickname St. Paddy or St. Patty has continued for decades on end, I could have cared less. In my opinion what was really important was that I had a St. Paddy’s sweatshirt to wear that always brought me good luck.

I gleefully cheered on and supported everyone in the parade. That is, except for the very large man with a long red beard and green eyes that carried a tall pole with a very large snake wrapped around it. This was absurd and had no meaning whatsoever. Everyone knows there are no snakes in Ireland! The story has been told over and over again, and everyone knows that St. Patrick stood on a hilltop, raised his wooden staff to the sky and banished every single snake from Ireland with a harsh warning never to come back. This happened a long time ago and there have been no sightings of snakes in Ireland by anyone.

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Nevertheless, I will ask the lady who is serving the yummy Irish corned beef at the end of the parade. She will have an explanation as to why this man thinks he brought a snake from Ireland to the parade. The lady is easy to find because she always wears a hoodie t-shirt. The hoodie is pulled up over her head to protect her ears so the leprechauns cannot sneak in there and talk about the trickery things they have done to others. Leprechauns have very cranky souls.

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