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What Can I Do About My Scalp Peeling Off In Chunks

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A customer Recently wrote in to one of our salon specialists asking her is she had seen a scalp that is peeling off in chunks and if so what did they do to help the customer and was the treatment something that worked long term. Here is what the salon owner said:

Answer From Hair Salon Owner Maggie Britt about Tough Hair and Scalp Questions:

Yes, I have seen those that have the gunk or white waxy build up that seems to peel off in chunks. 90% of the time this is due to the sebum or scalp oils on the scalp that are mixing with yeast. This nasty build up tends to come off in chunky patches that are many times softer but sometimes that can get harder like a scab would feel that can also peel off especially if the customer tends to pick at it. We have seen a few customers that claimed to have lupus have this happened but for the most part handling the extra scalp sebum with Zincplex was what worked the best.

To be honest Zincplex products are our go to for just about any tough and sometimes no so tough scalp problems like itching, flaking, scalp junk buildup, tough or stubborn scalp buildup, crusty scalp problems that is usually a golden or yellow color and looks like hard flakes that come off in peeled chunks. We use this on the client when they first come also a clarifying shampoo but to be honest it is better than that. It is more of a Detox Shampoo. This is huge for customers to see how happy their scalp's can be.

Over time I know that their overall scalp is getting much healthier because it starts to turn a light pink color which means that the blood flow and optimal and the build up has been removed from the head or scalp and this also means that the hair not weighted down.

Here Is The Zincplex Face and Scalp Scabs Treatment for those that want to get rid of the scabs on the scalp and keep and them from coming back. These can be used on the scabs or sores from seborrheic dermatitis, scalp psoriasis, eczema on the head or anywhere on the exterior body and even dandruff sores that come from too much itching that can cause open or bleeding problems. 

Scalp Peeling I Chunks Use Zincplex

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Zincplex Uses Thyme as one of the Primary Herbs in their shampoo and scalp lotions and here is why.

Answer: Studies show that thyme has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that will prohibit scalp bacteria from growing. This is also the case with fungus and mites. All three of these can cause numerous scalp rashes and issues that are tough to handle with traditional scalp shampoos. 

The use of harsh clarifying shampoos that are now using harsh detergents to try and rid the microbes and buildup is now discouraged in the commercial hair care industry so prevention rather than cure would be at everyone's advantage. However herbs like thyme and sage, lavender and burdock are all anti microbial and can help with restoring healthy hair and skin. 

With regular shampoo application or topicals such as scalp lotions or cream, a thyme regimen should also improve the look as well as feeling of one's hair.

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Scalp Peeling In Chunks

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