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What Can I Do About Oily Itchy Skin In My Eyebrows, Ears and Around My Nose?

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Oily Itchy Skin That Flakes And Peels On Your Face, Ears and Eyebrows?

You are not alone there are both a lot of women and men that have this. It can range from the puberty years all  the way through your senior years. And it is most prevalent which your skin is the most oily (teenager years) and when your immune system is not the strongest which often times is the case during your senior citizen years. And yes of course if you suffer from immune deficiency syndromes or diseases you will run into this. But also know that diet is a key factor in the build up, excessively oily skin issues as well as scalp. 

The Key Things To Remember!

For most people we have a fungus (all of us) several actually, that lives on our skin and scalp and especially clings to the hair follicles. This fungus is what the main cause of clinical dandruff is. That is why all medicated shampoos taget the fungus. Many use different forms of zinc but the best form of zinc for this problem is zinc pca. you see most forms of zinc don't do anything to help with the oily part. Zinc pca is known to actually regulate the amount of sebum that the gland produces. That is very big since the fungus itself feeds off of what is in the excessive sebum on the scalp

This is my if you go to a dermatologist with seborrheic type conditions on the face, eyebrows, ears or scalp they will tell you that you are allergic to your own oils but this is not the case. They are just trying to put into laymans terms for you what is going on. The Best Oily Scalp Shampoo will use Zinc pca as one of its main ingredients as this is an incredible way to prevent sebum flow on the scalp or face. This works well for seborrheic dermatitis on the face as well as rosacea breakouts. 

Dissolve Sebum Plugs On The Scalp To Get Rid of Scalp Build Up and Normalize Hair Growth

When it comes to clogged hair pores or sebum plugs you should also make sure that your dissolving the sebum plug on the scalp on on the face or skin. This is vital since as long as it is there you will issues with bacteria and fungus under the blockage. Cleanse the hair follicle with thyme, sage and fenugreek mixtures that dissolve sebum plugs on the scalp to optimize hair growth but also normalize sebum production. The more sebum plugs that you have the more sebum that the gland tries to produce to push out what it thinks are foreign substances. That is the body's self defense mechanism. 

If you have not heard about Zincplex then I strongly suggest you learn more as it caries almost 5 star reviews on Amazon as being one of the top shampoos and scalp lotion treatments for those suffering from scalp issues and problems. Great for both women and men as well as teens that are having a variety of problems. I believe it to be the healthiest shampoo and conditioner that you can use. A Good Scalp Sores Treatment can be hard to find. Doctors or dermatologist will simply just put you on a steroid which does nothing to solve the scalp scabbing or sores that you might have. Learn About the results that you can get using Zincplex Extra Strength Products that are herbal and zinc pca based for lasting results to help you to get the healthy scalp and hair that you want 

Here is the Zincplex Scalp Sores Shampoo and Conditioner

Zincplex For Sores On Scalp

You can learn more about bleeding scalp sores here and what actually causes them and how you can go about creating a healthy environment inside the follicles and on the scalp skin itself. Most men and women simply do not know what to do. Educating yourself and seeing for yourself which hair products is by far the best way to go. 

Get Help With Seborrheic Dermatitis in Your Beard or Sores!

Beard Dandruff is a very common thing and one of the easiest things to do is dismiss it as just flaking. It is most likely seborrhea and there are specialized treatments for beard dandruff but also for tougher problems like beard sores that can itch really bad. Click the links above to learn more. 

Beard Dandruff Shampoo an Lotion

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