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What Can I Do About Scalp Sores That Itch and Bleed Sometimes?

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What Causes Scalp Sores?

The simple answer is hard for most people to understand and sounds worse than it actually is. The answer is a fungus that everyone has on their scalp but for some conditions make it right or a perfect storm for the fungus to become excessive. 

There are ways to knock it back but traditional hair and scalp treatments typically fall really short. Dandruff shampoos that have forms of zinc can help but read below on what is the best way, best results for scalp sores, scabs, itching, flaking, bleeding and even sometimes oozing. If you want a healthy scalp with healthy hair growth in both women and men then read more below about Zincplex. It change my life!

Why Do My Scalp Sores Bleed?

The answer in short is an excess amount of the same fungus that causes dandruff is both men and women. But note that for this to happen your scalp has to be out of balance. So the real question is how did it get out of balance. The answer is shampoos with too high of ph that degrade the scalp's outter protection layer called the lipid barrier. And then by feeding the fungus with excess sugars the fungus can grow unchecked. So what can you do about the sebum build up that can turn crusty and become itchy and sometimes excessive?

What Can I Do To Get A Healthier Scalp?

Most people have to get past the initial shock of what they actually learn causes their itching head and often times open sores that can bleed and in some situations actually ooze as well. These are not sores caused by burns or similar. These are caused by a scalp that is out of balance. 

This is what allowed the fungus to grow to levels that it has grown too. The scalp oils or sebum serves as a lubricant for the hair but it can also carry the sugars and certain other foods to feed the fungus. This is especially true is a sugar and or milk rich diet. Both of these are known to exacerbate the itching, peeling, redness and general pissed off condition of the scalp

Do Certain Shampoos Actually Hurt My Scalp

1) Start Be cleansing the scalp off excess oils every single day. If you are in your teen years and oil production from puberty is sky high then make sure to wash your hair as needed. BUT do not skip a day. 

2) The Shampoo that you use and the scalp lotions are very important. Get the correct ph on the scalp is vital for long term health by resetting the thermostat of the amount of oil or sebum that the sebaceous gland produces but also using natural fungus killers such as zinc pca is one of the most important steps. 

For nearly 20 Years Zincplex has been the top Choice for those in the know that are trying to get rid of the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, scalp sores, scabs, irritation, excessive oily conditions, oily hair and dandruff, sebum or cursty build up, clogged hair follicles and much more. We strongly suggest that you check out Zincplex Shampo, Conditioner and Scalp Lotion. But understand that is much more natural and herbal based that other products like Head and Shoulders and Selsun Blue. I know because I had this exact product and had somebody tell me about the Zincplex Hair Care products and it changed my life!. And by the way there is also a seborrheic dermatitis beard treatment that is made by Zincplex as well. 

Zincplex for Scalp Sores

Check out this top ranked Scalp Scrub that will cleanse the scalp without having to use shampoo or harsh detergents. It also uses light abrasion to open up clogged hair follicles. 

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