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What Causes Crusty SCalp, Iching, Buildup Around the Follicle and Other Scalp Problems

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How To Unclog Hair FolliclesThe Fungus that Causes Scalp Problems and What Shampoos Help With Crusty Scalp Buildup.

Malasezzia Scalp Fungus and Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis are all types of scalp fungus. Both Malasezzia Scalp Fungus and Dandruff are caused by the same fungus, Malasezzia. It is known to love sugar and milk. So when you feed the body these items the fungus symptoms will tend to increase.

This includes itching, flaking, scaling, scabbing that can come from intense itching but also just from the yeast and fungus breaking down the lipid barrier. It can happen faster than you think. So what are you looking for in a seborrhei dermatitis shampoo? This first step is help the clogged hair follicles to open as they are harboring bacteria, Fungus and more. This mixture is often times is what is causing the intense itching and scalp redness and scaling. 

A common treatment for both scalp fungus and dandruff is Zincplex shampoo and Scalp Lotion. Think of the Lotion as an intense therapy for what have been called hot spots of intense spots itching on the scalp. This same lotion works wonders on seborrheic dermatitis symptoms on the face, eyebrows, ears, chest and other areas on the skin. Zincplex shampoo and Scalp Lotion contains zinc pca as its active ingredient which helps treat both scalp fungus and dandruff. Malasezzia is a type of fungi that grows on the skin, hair, or nails of humans. It can be found on people's scalps, behind their ears, or in their eyebrows This type of fungi can cause a variety of skin conditions including seborrheic dermatitis (a form of eczema), dandruff, or scalp fungus

The most common shampoo or lotion for this is Zincplex shampoo which contains zinc pca as its active — The scalp is a sensitive area and is susceptible to various types of infections.

The most common scalp infection is seborrheic dermatitis, which can be caused by dandruff or Malasezzia Scalp Fungus. The fungus Malasezzia produces an enzyme called lipase which breaks down sebum and other oils on the scalp. This causes the characteristic greasy scales that are often seen in people with Malasezzia Scalp Fungus.

unclog hair follicles

Zincplex shampoo uses natural anti-fungal ingredients such irrigating herbs, zinc pca and certain essential oils, has been clinically proven to help alleviate symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis and Malasezzia Scalp Fungus by reducing inflammation and really works well on oily skin as well. Most people that have an abundance of seborrheic dermatitis issues will find that they are dealing with oily skin and oily scalp. The hardened scalp oils lead to crusty scalp problems.

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This is because the fungus feeds off of the oil and what is secreted in the oils. The sugars and milk sugars are the perfect food for the fungus. These are secreted through the scalp or skin oils called sebum. Therefore those with oily skin and scalp are over feeding the fungus. This is why it is vital to wash or cleanse the scalp regularly. For those that have natural hair and don’t want to wash afraid that it might dry your scalp or hair then use the Zincplex Scalp Lotion which is an intense therapy lotion with zinc pca, thyme, sage, fenugreek, burdock and a combination of herbal extracts to open the hair follicle and zinc pca goes directly after the fungus that has been hiding in the follicle. Zincplex Is a game changer for Seborrheic Dermatitis and oily dandruff.