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What Gifts Should I Buy For A Country Guy?

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Ok so i haven't gone country. I was born and raised country. In the south to be exact. So when it comes to buying the best gifts for country boyfriends or husbands or even brothers I can help and not just a little bit. Between giving gifts with 3 brothers, countless boy friends (drama) and helping customers get groomsmen and groom gifts, Valentines, Christmas and more for men or guys that like to hunt, fish, camp, hike or just about anything outdoors - I have learned what the best bets are. Here are the gifts that any country boy will appreciate from young to daddy's age - yes these are great for father's day and grandfather's gifts as well. Here ya go and you're welcome.

1) Camo Beer Mug Or Steins with the Large Handle 

I can't even begin to tell you how everybody loves these.Guys dig em but most of the time the women are stealing them as well and that is why we sell them as a set also. The pattern shown here is a hunter's camo but we do have these in military camo as well. We also have other color choices such as pink for the ladies. They are 16 oz and a gift that we guarantee you that they will remember. It is our #2 groomsmen gifts for those that are havig country or southern weddings.

Camouflage Beer Mugs

2) Camo Tumbler Mugs click here to buy these camo tumbler mugs. These are also at the very top of gifts. It is hard to go wrong with these as well but what sets them apart is the trim options that you get on these. I know it sounds like Im selling a truck here but it's true. We offer several really different accents on these including copper, steel, black, white and aqua. We have quite a few couples buy these because it allows them to pick two different color accents but still be matching. And oh yes! Matching is everything to the ladies! Once again these also make a great groomsmen gift at any county or southern style wedding. These ship fast from the USA. We do also have a listing for these where to can customize them with text or dates to remember the occasion. We love these! Top Seller all year round. Also a great couples valentines gift. We also have customers personalize these for an anniversary gift as well. 

Steel Accent Mossy Oak Camo Tumbler

Ladies Camouflage Mug with Aqua

Great Country Wedding Gift For Groom