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What Is The Difference Between Salt Scrubs vs Sugar Scrubs?

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The Breakdown On Sugar Vs Salt Scrubs and What They Work For!

When it comes to opening your skin's pores and removing the skin congestion body scrubs are 2nd to none. This is especially important to remove dry and dead winter skin but also the summer skin that the sun can damage. If the scrub is good then the oils will replenish moisture at the deepest levels. however, beware of using scrubs with cheap oils or just oils that coat. We don't even recommend fractionated coconut oil. There are much better oils that you can use for healthy skin.

Where Can Scrubs Be Used?

They can be used anywhere that there is skin. We have people that buy them for the face, body, legs, arms, back, scalp and feet to name the most popular. Once again they do more than just unclog pores in the skin and prevent skin congestion. They also have the healing oils. These oils do so much to help skin not only look healthy but also be healthy. Over the years we have found that yarrow and pomegranate are the two most effective extracts to put with these oils for over health. These extracts are great for any skin blemishes, redness as well as ski conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, inflammation and much more. They are also great for spring cleaning so to speak to open up the pores for the summer sun exposure. 

They are great after being in the sun and especially after using tanning lotions or oils that can cog pores.

Amazing For:
  • Orange Peel Skin
  • Adding Minerals To The Skin
  • Congested Skin On the Body Or Face or even Feet and Arms
  • Removes Dead and Older Skin That Allows Skin With Much Firmer Elastin and Collagen For Tighter
  • Amazing For Dry Skin And Conditions
  • Omega Oils For Needed Skin Reproduction
  • Detox Trio with Salts To Help To Pull Toxins, Unclogging Skin Pores, Jojoba to Irrigate Out Bacteria

Pros and Cons Of Sugar Versus Salt Scrubs

In  nutshell the sugar is more effective exfoliant but can hurt sensitive skin. Therefore it is often used on legs and stomach, arms and similar body parts. It is never used on the neck or face or scalp. 

Salt Scrubs are used more often because of the mineral content and the salts work better for sensitive skin. The minerals help with many different ski conditions. And because the salts are less abrasive they can be used on the scalp, face, neck area as well. 

Here is The #1 Salt Scrub That We Have. It is so effective that we have replaced just about all of our scrubs with this one. It includes yarrow and pomegranate that have amazing effects on the health of the skin. They purify and increase micro capillary blood flow. They are known to help with many skin conditions and are two of the best anti oxidants that damaged skins needs or skin that needs to be protected from free radicals need. 

PS: This is the number thing that you need for summer after being out in the skin. Don't let sunburns give you damaged skin life. Remove dead winter skin also for a fresh start.

Yarrow Pom Skin Congestion Salt Scrub

Vegan, Free From Preservatives, Premium Oil Blend, Perfect For Removing Dead Winter Skin, Perfect For Healing and or Removing Dead Skin after Sun exposure! The #1 thing you should do after tanning!