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What Is The Wedding Panty Tradition and What Should You Buy For it

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Although wedding etiquette may not be at the top of everyone's list, but as someone who has planned a wedding before, I can tell you: there are endless southern and country wedding traditions that come into play. Have you heard of the wedding panty tradition?

The wedding panty tradition is one that most brides and grooms participate in on their wedding day.

One thing to remember about wedding traditions is that they do not dictate your behavior nor should they cause arguments or disagreements among family members or friends. Traditions are simply an opportunity to add a little extra something fun and special for both the bride and groom on such an important day.

Now back to this wedding panty tradition...you might want to look at some of the funny or personalized wedding panties for brides to get at their bachelorette party as a gift or as a gift for the honeymoon.

The wedding panty tradition is primarily practiced in the United States, Australia and New Zealand. This wedding tradition may have originated in the mid-west, where wedding traditions are highly cherished. You might want to check out some wedding places for your wedding, that way you can go wherever you like and not feel obligated to choices made by generations before you.

A wedding tradition is usually passed from generation to generation or person to person in an effort by family members or friends of a wedding couple to add some extra flair on such a special day...like this wedding panty tradition!

And just what is this wedding panty tradition?

Give her some funny wedding underwear that is sexy but also really funny and of course your gonna give it to her in font of everybody!

During the wedding reception, give all of her wedding party a wedding panty to wear under their wedding dresses or bridesmaids dresses for that matter. Have them wear it all evening just not during the ceremony. This way everybody will know what is going on and what is about to happen next! After you are pronounced man and wife, one by one pull your wedding panties up through your dress (only time during wedding) and make your grand entrance down the aisle. That's it...just walk down the aisle wearing funny wedding underwear from hereon after referred to as "the panty wedding tradition". But that's not all...as you make your way down the red carpeted aisle smiling at everyone in attendance - one of the best panties to give or show is - You May Now Bang The Bride on it!

After the wedding ceremony, gather your wedding party and exchange wedding gift with each other. Have fun dress up in wedding attire and getting ready for wedding photos. After wedding photos everyone will know that wedding is over and start looking forward to a great bachelorette party night out or several - full of naughty wedding ideas .

Enjoy making your way down the aisle wearing funny underwear...it's all just part of the fun!

Wear These For the Wedding Panty Tradition