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What Ring Should I Buy Patriotic Men, Soldiers, Military, American Proud? We Got You Covered

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This Ring Sold Out In Just 2 Days Last Time. But we have a new batch arriving on feb 12 (or there abouts).

Without a doubt is hot for military men an patriotic guys that want a another wedding ring, promise or even just to wear to show that American Pride. While a lot of soldiers are getting these we are also selling a ton just to the average guy that loves this country. 

Crossed Guns Don't Tread On Me are engraved on the outside which is a common theme in the military and USA proud. These are available in sizes ranging from 8 through 13. 

Many people dangle these from their rear view mirror and women wear these around their neck for their guy! A great gift.

Click Here To Buy Patriotic Mens Wedding RingsThese are currently listing for over $60 but we have them for sale at $38. Order Now

When it comes to patriotic there are quite a few different choices from traditional stars and stripes rings to engraved titanium, silver or tungsten rings. Many times you will see a combination of engraving on the outter band also something inscribed on the inner band to make it more personal or memorable. For those that are wanting the Red, White and Blue on an inlay we have those as well.

Looking for your soldier or for the patriotic that is proud to be free and want to represent. The ring above is definitely for the most extreme of the patriots and often those that are in the military from the marines to any of the armed forces. These are great for men's wedding bands and also promise rings. Around here we call them Marine rings and sniper rings because we seem to sell quite a few of them to those that are in the services and are highly trained. 

However, we don't sell only to those. We also sell to those that understand what the Gadsden Flag Don't Tread On Me Expression Means. It means a little more than the traditional We're Gonna A Boot In Your Ass. The Gadsden Flag was flown during times of war initially and was flown during the Civil War as well. The color was usually yellow and it had the rattlesnake emblem on it as well. The ring above has the crossed rifles instead of the snake. This is because the military had used the guns and also the punisher skull many times in their war designs.

These are made out of tungsten and they are 8mm in width. For those that are looking for a military, patriotic wedding band for the men this is one that is unique and pretty much perfect for something that represents and presents what happens when you need a boot in your ass.

The ring sizes come in 8 8.5, 9 all the way up to 16. These can also be put on a chain and hung for memory. If you would like to inscribe the memory date of a loved one we can do that as well. These 2nd round of these rings have been ordered and are due in late february so they will not be in time for valentines. Combine these with one of our camo promise rings, American Flag Women's Inlay bands and you can have a great patriotic promise or wedding ring set. 

We ship these all over the USA from the Great State of Georgia! Proud To Be American and Thankful For those that helped us to be Free. it was fought for with the blood and tears of our soldiers! Thankful to the armed services for standing up to the threats abroad and on home soil so that we can live free lives. Freedom ain't free!