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Where Can You Buy Camouflage Promise Rings or Men's or Women's Country Wedding Bands?

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Camouflage Promise Rings For Any Country Or Southern Girl

Finding the perfect promise ring is tough enough but finding one that fits who you are as a person and as a couples is the trick. They need to be quality but that doesn't always mean the highest price. They need to be made and sold by a company that knows what you are looking for, if you saw the employees and the owners you would see them wearing the same rings. 

At Southern Sisters Designs we have spent nearly 15 years creating outdoors, hunting, fishing and other country patterns that our customers and ourselves can relate too. Yes, we are little hillbilly, outdoors lovers like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, love the mountains, some of us are straight rednecks but all of us know what it takes to make a great quality ring that represents who we are. And if you think the price is too low we will be glad to raise it just for you.....I mean why not our competitors charge 3 to 4x what we do for similar and many times lesser quality. We do sell some sterling silver rings but very much prefer tungsten and titanium as we feel they are the premium metals. They are perfect for active couples. These rings don't scratch, dent, fade, rust and we put our mouth and money behind it with a 5 year warranty.

Check out the Entire Selection of Our Country Wedding Band and Rings Here. These almost all fill a different nee for the different hobbies and loves that we have. Many are matching or you can choose based off what you think makes you the best couples. Promise rings galore for the southern and county girls and of course we have sets for even the most dire rednecks.