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Where To Buy Cloth Face Masks Online Made In the USA

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One of the questions that we get asked a lot is about face masks. Things changed literally overnight with imports include the fabric that was coming from overseas getting shut own fast. The US Customs and Outgoing Sorting all went to hand. This meant that many supply orders that were supposed to arrive are taking extra weeks.

We always shake our head when a customer orders a mask about 5-7 days ago and wants to know where it is. The demand for masks is about 1000 times that of the supply right now. However, we do have and are getting a large supply regulary from relationships that we have built over 15 years.

But one of the questions that we love to get is whether or not our masks are made in the USA. This is answer is that some are and we are doing our best to push those. The ones that are cut, sewn and printed here are top sellers. These do not have to go through customs nor do they have to deal with the very limited amount of incoming flights from overseas. But it is hard to get a lot of stock. We have solved this problem by using sublimation to print orders every single day. This means we do have to deal with supply issues.

Here are some of the best selling Face Masks that are NOW made and shipped in the USA. The lead time is 5 days. This means that once you order it takes us exactly 5 days and then this order will ship. Shipping can be a bit slower than usual but most are taking anywhere from 2-6 days to arrive. 

Here are some of the best sellers that are made in the USA with a 5-6 day lead time and then they ship. 

Flag Cloth Face Masks to support loved ones in other countries as well as our own. 


Where To Buy American Flag Face Mask Cloth