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CDC Recommends Face Masks - California Governor Orders Face Masks - Get A Mask!!!

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The CDC i recommending face masks for people in contact with others or out and about. The California Gov just made it mandatory for everyone to wear face masks. You will hear some say that cloth masks don't work as well etc. The truth is that the Medical Face masks are for the doctors and health care professionals. The cotton or cloth masks may be a little less effective but are still considered 98% more effective than going out with nothing on. 

We are now distributing and selling top consumer face masks. We have the layered cotton and also those that have the slot for the carbon filters. You do not have to use the filters but they make the mask even more effective. 

On Tuesday we received our 1st shipment and are shipping those out. More are arriving just about everyday and we will ship them as they come in. The response has been overwhelming so please get your order in right away if you want a mask. 

Here are some of the top sellers:

Where to buy face masks

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