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As the Whole World Knows The Corona Virus has affected many different things. One of the things is the number of flights both domestically and internationally. These flights have has slowed in numbers and frequency therefore supply is often delayed with the masks. It is still arriving but can take 1-2 weeks longer in cases. 

For those that are wanting face coverings, masks that are cut, sewn and printed in the USA please check out the Designer masks and also the Flag Masks that are all made here

For those that have ordered and want an updat please first click the product page of the masks that you ordered. You can also visit our contact page to contact us - however we will continue to update our facebook and also product pages when supply hits. For new orders know that even if you order 2-3 day shipping that does not mean that you order will go out right away.It does mean that we will ship it faster once it is ready to ship.  As shipments arrive we will update our facebook page. 

Also know that there are very few companies that are able to get supply on masks so if you cancel your order and then try another and cannot get it we cannot get you back in line where you were.

These are uncertain times but we do have large amounts of supply coming that should be arriving all the week of 4.27 and forward. However, if you do prefer a refund just let us know through facebook messenger or the chat box on the bottom right part of our page. 

If we are informed that you are a nurse, doctor, 1st responder we have and will continue to move you to the front of the pack. Yes, it does eat up our inventory at times but it is the right thing to do.

 Find Your Best Safety Health and Beauty Products and Items Here Including The Best In Civilian Protective Face Masks for both him and her.  The CDC is now recommending that everyone wears a cloth mask when exposed to other people. So check out this section and find what we think is the best in beauty and specialty skin and hair problems. You can see the different options below. We ship from the USA. 

Also, Face Masks With Country Flags Are Here.