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How To Reduce Sebum Production on the Scalp

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So the Question of the Day, Well Probably Even the decade is - How Do You Reduce The Sebum Production on the Scalp?

The excess oils can wreak havoc in a lot of different ways so what can both men and women do to prevent so much being produced by the sebum glands and that includes teenagers as that is when many different scalp problems begin because of this very reason. 

We asked this Question to the People at Zincplex to find out what research had been done and what the best answers were.


Bella: Hello and welcome. I wanted to ask the founder of Zincplex - Mark what can be done for those that have an overly oily or crusty scalp from too much sebum production. So let me start by introducing Mark and say that for early 20 years Zincplex has been one of the highest rated products for those that have seborrheic dermatitis, seborrheic eczema, seborrhea and also what we would term as oily dandruff. So take it away.

Mark: Thanks and let me start by saying that this was my exact personal problem. I had the whole nine yards with regards to scalp problems associated with oily scalp and what the dermatologist call Seborrheic Dermatitis. However, that is also interchangeable with seborrheic eczema. In general this means dandruff like conditions with an oily scalp but it can also include intense and severe scalp itching in a diffuse or general way or very spot specific.

For example many people find that it can affect the crown of the head or the back of the head and often times the hair line around the entire scalp. It can also be in the eyebrows, in the ears, behind the ears, corners of the mouth and around and over the nose. It often times can cover the cheeks as well. It can be a waxy white or yellow build up that can be peeled in chunks or can be extremely hardened sebum or crusty build up.

But don't let any of this scare you. I had tried Head and Shoulders, T Gel and I used a product called scalpicin. All helped a little but none really took care of the symptoms. This is what started me on my journey around 22 years ago to research and come up with a product that would make this so that I didn't even really think about it anymore. I had gone through high school and some of middle school dealing with the really bad build up of white dandruff type flakes. They were in my eyebrows, behind my years and in my ears but I also had open scalp sores on the back of my head where the crease was and also really bad at my hair line. I wanted results as I never really knew how much people could see the condition. I hoped they didn't see what I felt but I knew deep down that they could see my problem.

Bella: So What Did You Do At That Point and How Old Were You?

Zincplex Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Mark: I first really recognized that it was bad when i was getting my hair cut and the lady cutting it said something. I was around 14. I never went back to a salon again to get my hair cut. I was that embarrassed. But that is also what fueled my fire to find the herbs - the combination of herbs - that worked like nothing else I had ever tried.

I was 27 and was now married and figured out that I could control seborrheic dermatitis to a certain degree by staying away from sugar and milk and especially ice cream or milk shakes which had both. I would check the sugar content in cereal and I would use low sugar milks. This help to keep it somewhat under control. I walked around smelling like a medicine cabinet because of the tar shampoo that I used. However at 27 it all changed.

Through some research I found a trichologist in Canada. I was trying to develop a shampoo that was herbal based that would eliminate the amount of excess oils as I had figure out that they were feeding the fungus and yeast that was the primary cause of seborrheic dermatitis or eczema. The Trichologist told me about a new mineral that was based off of zinc called zinc pca. This was the missing piece. It has been shown in studied to regulate and reduce the amount of oils the sebaceous gland produced. 

My intent at the time was not to make a lot of the shampoo. I just wanted to make it for me. However, there was not a legit company at the time that would make small amounts. So I had 480 bottles made without ever having tested it. But when I did test it I knew within a week that the results were phenomenal and this was without knowing that it would reset the scalp ph and deep cleanse the hair follicle or root itself. 

That is how Zincplex was born. Since then we have created, in my opinion, the best way to have a long term affect for a healthy scalp and minimize the condition that dandruff fungus and seborrheic eczema and dermatitis fungus need to thrive. we have cut the food source, irrigated the follicle and ph the scalp skin to fight fungus long after the shampoo is rinsed off. The results are long lasting for the symptoms. The itching, flaking, chunks or hardened sebum or waxy build up, the open scalp sores that won't go away, intense itch spots and scabs on the head will all be visibly gone after about 2- to 4 weeks depending on how bad it is out of control. 

However, Zincplex is not just for dandruff and seborrhea symptoms. It is amazing for oily hair, smelly hair or scalp, scalp re balancing and similar. There is no medicine smell. It is non medicated. it is pretty complex in all that it does but it does it in a natural, herb and mineral synergistic way that nature does. We all have natural defenses but in this case they are broken down. Zincplex helps to restore the natural defense system and uses it own mix to restore balance. 

Bella: And that's why I wanted you to tell us. I have heard you talk about it before but there is no way I could get all that in detail to our customers that are looking for the correct treatment or solution. To our customers you can read the product details to learn more about the herbs used but we know this. If you go to a lot of salons out there with scalp problems like build up, white junk or gunk buildup, oily scalp dermatitis or eczema with an oily residue you will get Zincplex recommended to you. It works. I know this!