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Seborrheic Dermatitis Shampoo Extra Strength By Zincplex

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis Shampoo Seborrhea
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Product Description

Shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis & Eczema Itching, Flaking, Redness, Bumps, Crusty Build Up and More?

The Top Seller For Over 20 Years with Herbs an ZINC PCA: 

Why Do We Carry This Product! Because it Works!

For Personal Reasons We Bought This Product As A Consumer Needing A Solution That Worked After Trying Just About Every Seborrheic Dermatitis or Eczema Remedy Including Tar and Medicated Shampoos. This Worked Best By Far. Learn More About Zincplex!!!

Symptoms Often Include

1) Crystallized Sebum Build Up With Yellow Or White Flakes on the Scalp.

2) Extreme Itching In Patches On the Head Including Crown, Hair Line, Back of Head, neck, Eyebrows and more

3) Most People Refer To It as Severe Dandruff

4) Often Associated With An Oily Scalp or Seborrhea

5) Problems Occur Anywhere on the Scalp or Face, Ears where Sebum Is Produced

6) Build Up and Inflammation Closes and Clogs Hair Follicles

7) The Oils Feed Fungus and Bacteria That Are The Cause Of the Symptoms Seen

8) It Affects Men, Women and Even Babies. Prominent During Puberty Years Through 20's When Sebaceous Gland is Most Active

9) It is Also Prominent When The Defense System Does Not Fight Off the Mites, Bacteria and Fungus associated with Scalp Problems. This can be in babies and also in senior citizens or those under heavy stress etc.


Why Is Zincplex Considered The Best Hair Product For Seb Derm?

Most Shampoos are just one shot products meaning that they are just anti fungus shampoos. They don't do much to restore health by restoring the balance. They don't do anything to deep cleanse the hair follicle where the bacteria and fungus are growing. 

These other products also don't do anything to prevent the excess sebum that is the main food source for seborrheic dermatitis and eczema to happen.  

It is very important to:

1) Open Clogged Hair Follicles

2) Prevent Excess Sebum Production

3) Remove or Flush Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast and Even Mites

4) Restore Proper PH So that The Scalp Skin Can Fight Off the Fungus


So What is The Real Problem and What Can You Do?

Most dermatologist will tell you that the fungus malassezia is the problem. It does normally exist on the scalp however in some people it expands out of control. The real question is why does the natural defense system of the body allow this to happen. The answer is that the scalp, follicle itself is out of balance. 

Does Diet Play A Role in Seborrhea?

Yes, without a diet. Many people are asking how the owner of Zincplex was able to eliminate the symptoms of it. The answer was in the beginning a large focus was placed diet. In a nutshell, if you are having breakouts even when you are using this shampoo then simply scale back on sugar and milk. These two separately and especially together will set off the symptoms of itching, flaking, open sores, bleeding etc. Many times these can be intense or severe. The sugars get into the oils and feed the fungus. This allows the fungus to expand rapidly. The result is a serious outbreak of symptoms.

This Shampoo Has Been Voted To The Top For Nearly 20 Years For Scalp Issues!

1) Herbal Extract Combination that includes thymus-thyme, sage, vulgaris extracts, burdock-articum. Together these loosen up dirt and sebum mixture. They work on the sebum plugs to open them and then this allows the herbs to irrigate the bacteria and fungus 

2) Zinc is known as nature's topical antibiotic and anti-fungal mineral. This is one of the main difference makers for these products. 

3) Feeds The Root like most products do not. Articum is also a mild blood vessel stimulant to help create optimal hair growth.

4) Hair Sprays, Gels, Sticky Shampoo Residue Cause Build Up Which Causes Excess Scalp Oil Production


Does That Mean That This Works For Dandruff Symptoms Also Since It Is Just A Milder Version of This?

If you are having oily or greasy hair or scalp issues at all and you are having flaking, itching, redness, scales or scaling, patches or dandruff then without a doubt you should use this to help re-balance the scalp skin. If you are having dry scalp and these symptoms then this may not be the best answer.


Is Seborrheic Eczema Similar To Dermatitis?

YES, We strongly suggest that you use Zincplex for this as well. It is almost identical in how it presents and for most it is simply interchanging the words eczema and dermatitis that its meant to mean inflammation of the scalp skin. 


"You may have read our testimonials on the Zincplex Products. We use these because they worked for our staff. That is why we sell them. Suffering for years with the intense symptoms and now we don't. That is simplest reason why we sell this line. It works. "   Southern Sisters Designs




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Product Reviews

  1. A really long time problem and this really helped 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2022

    I dont really remember how long I have had and oily scalp and crusty hair etc problem that always ends with white flakes and itching that can sometimes be severe. I remember having it in middle school. I can tell you that I have tried every medicated shampoo and treatment that my dermatologist and even other recommendations but Zincplex is the only one I will ever tell anyone else about.

  2. I have been using this for 5 years. Only thing that works for me 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Aug 2021

    I give it 5 stars. Will be a lifelong customer of zincplex stuff. also bought your lavender shampoo and really like it too. Happy to see no dmdm hydantoin.

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