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Is There A Greasy Hair Fix for Women and Men

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Is Greasy Hair Caused By A Vitamin Deficiency?

The short is answer that when we asked the manufacturer of many of the different dermatologists and also shampoo manufacturers what causes oily greasy hair and scalp not one said that they thought it was a deficiency in vitamins or amino acids. Now quite a few told us that special forms of zinc really helped with greasy hair. The top one is the pca zinc form which means that it has a special salt attached to it. This form has been tested and proven to really help to put a thermostat so to speak on the amount of oils or sebum that the glands inside the follicles produce. This is very important because excess sebum can cause a host of problems in women and men.

Is There A Quick Fix for Oily Hair or Scalp?

Using shampoos that help to breakdown sebum (not stripping shampoos because they can damage the hair and the outter layers of the skin on the head). The shampoo that we found to be the best was Zincplex because of how it broke down the oils with herbs. However, using  the best clarifying shampoos simply strip away and actually signals the sebum gland to produce more because the stripping effect can be too harsh. A help signal is sent and more than usual amount of oils are produced. Here is our long term solution for greasy hair men and women. You can read about the ingredients that are used and you will see herbs an the pca form of zinc for long term solutions to oily hair and scalp

Greasy Hair Shampoo

One of the other products that also helps with the different causes of oily hair is a scalp scrub. Often times the scalp will emit excess amounts of sebum when the follicles are closed or clogged. It does this to try and irrigate or push out the bacteria and fungus along with the dirt and junk or gunk that can build up inside the follicle. A scalp scrub for oily hair and scalp is often used to help open up the clogged hair follicles. You can check out the Mineral Scalp Scrub that can be used for many different reasons but ultimately to unclog and open hair follicles and remove product build up.

Scalp Scrub For Oily Hair

The Mineral Salt Scrub is one of the hair products that you can use for oily hair dandruff because it handles the oily hair and scalp but does not dry out the hair. It actually does an amazing job conditioning the hair and scalp while using the blended herbs and minerals that get the job done and help to get to the very cause of scalp conditions like dandruff itching and flaking, seborrheic dematitis, seborrheic eczema and psoriasis. 

If left alone many people as if they have a dirty scalp and feel as if they get scalp sores and scabs from not washing their hair. Many write us and ask us if they crazy for thinking this way. The question is, "Does not washing your hair cause scalp sores, scabs, dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis or even itching and flaking that happens a lot?"

To be honest for about 50% of the population you can go for a while without washing your hair or use dry shampoos and powders etc. However, for most you can not. This is because the delicate balance is out of whack. This means that the fungus fufur has gotten a foothold because of the imbalance in the scalp. Therefore the old saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness is what you need to remember.