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More Face Masks Required and More Coming for Employees Consumers and Business Owners

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Things got crazy fast and the world we know just changed. One of the things that most Governors, Representatives and even those high up at the CDC are saying is that there will be some new requirements when it comes to face coverings while in public. Most people think it is a big change or maybe awkward but in actuality using  masks and even gloves as well as sanitizers is very simple when out in public places. 

I think that in the Future when you go to big events like College Football games where there are thousands of people that they make it an option to buy your teams face masks and probably make masks or coverings mandatory. Once you get used to seeing them and wearing them realize that many people are getting creative to match their personalities. We have seen them all from the American, British and Canadian Flags to show support for their homes countries as well as different patterns, team colors, sayings, funny pictures, movie based and much more. 

I am thinking most people will want to return to hair salons or spas if the one cutting their hair is wearing a face mask. With the demand we have been able to get some big orders in for masks and this is allowing our customers to start getting their masks. Over the next weeks we will be having some big shipments come in. So order your mask now. Soon we will be offering printing for consumers and also for employers to get masks for their companies.

We will also be offering guaranteed lead times of when your mask will arrive or it will be free. Face coverings a road back to normalcy that we are all looking for. To get there we need to be able to trust what is out there. Once we get going again the world will start working its way back to normal. Get your mask today!