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Need Funny Panty Ideas For Special Occasions or Bachelorette Parties - Here Ya Go

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Panty Party Ideas Including Bachelorette Gag Gifts

And yes, we wouldn't throw that out there without giving you some of the best ideas for women's funny panties with hilarious sayings printed on them. And yes, we do have some f the best theme panties for ladies available. Most of these are printed on boy shorts or thongs. We have found that boyshorts are probably the best gift since the print is typically large enough for everyone to read including those at the part or those receiving what might be a gag gift. 

Harry Potter Women's Panties for Bachelorette Parties and Special Sexy Occasions

Harry Potter Fans or Theme and Getting Married. Here is what a best friend BFF or just good friends of the bride to be can give her. Everyone knows about The Chamber of Secrets. Well this takes on a very different meaning when given as bridal underwear that is of course hilarious So if the wedding theme is Harry Potter, Wizardry or anything similar then get her Chamber of Secrets that is printed on the front and can be ordered in different sizes. Sexy Harry Potter Bachelorette Gift Panty can be found on Southern Sisters Designs.com but also on other websites like Etsy and Amazon for those that have accounts with those. Amazon FBA does offer The Harrry Potter Chamber of Secrets Panties for women. Slytherin gag gifts for women! We got you!

What is Our Favorite Country Girl Bachelorette Party Panty?

That's easy. His other ride is a truck country girl panty for bachelorette party gifts. These are best sellers and perfect for any southern or county girl bridal panty theme. but then again anybody that loves their Ford or Chevy or Dodge then these might be great for. How about Ford Panties or Chevy Panties. These are often given to truck lovers as well just as a fun sexy gift. These Sexy Truck Panties can be found on SouthernSistersDesigns.com or at Amazon.com

Women's Truck Panties

 What To Get The Bride To Be That Is Lacy and More Formal - Gift Ideas?

Customized Mrs Bridal Thong with the printing on the front right for the wife to be. These are great wedding gifts, honeymoon, bachelorette party idea presents and they are one of our best sellers with several different sizes as well. Elegant, white and perfect! A Best Seller!

Bridal Panty Lace Thong Mrs