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Which Oils To Use On Your Skin?

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When it comes to your skin knowing which oils work best for each of the different skin issues is vital to creating and maintaining healthy skin. Here is a breakdown of the different oils that are most favored by formulators and why. Of course with each oils there are different grades so make sure that you go with a company that sees value in using the top grade oils. We believe it is vital for the efficacy of the product which means that it is results driven!

List of the Best Skin Care Oils

Grapeseed Oil is often used and is considered antimicrobial, it is non clogging which means that is ranked very low on the comedogenic scale. It is a 1. The proven benefits are acne scar reduction, scabs and scar reduction. It is lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs easily. It is not considered an oily oil! This is why many forumlators pick grapeseed oil for helping those with oily skin and scalp. 

Sweet Almond Oil is considered a strong moisturizer. It moisturizers better than jojoba and grapeseed oils do and is often used for dry skin and scalp issues. The Comedogenic scale rating is a 2. A really good choice for dry and or sensitive skin treatments. It is a favorite for baby skin. Known to reduce excess sebum, scalp and skin inflammation, scars, dry and even severely dry scalp and skin, eczema, and pimples. It is known to lighten skin tone, dark circles, and many use it to even out their complexion. This oil is edible but don't heat or it will destroy the oils beneficial properties

Jojoba Oil is lightweight, non-greasy, and absorbs fast and deep because it has very similar properties to sebum. Jojoba oil will dissolve and break down excess sebum – making it a great option for oily or combination skin! Amazing at unclogging pores, detoxifying and removing impurities. Studies have proven that is a strong anti-inflammatory helps to heal scars, sores and scabs on the scalp and skin. You cannot eat jojoba oil so do not use it for any herbal oil concoctions.

Rosehip Seed Oil is noted for its high concentration of essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A that increase cellular turnover response which is vital for improving the cell structure in the skin daily. It minimizes and works great for those that want to heal scars, and also will even the color or discoloration with scars and also wrinkles and fine lines. Rosehip Seed oil is lightweight and rates a 2 (2 on the comedogenic scale.It quickly and easily absorbs into the skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a 1st choice for hydrating and nourishing at the deepest levels any dry skin. It has a thicker body but it is edible. A good choice for a lavender skin oil and other formulations since lavender is used for skin, hair and also in culinary recipes. It is a 2 on the comedogenic scale. Do not need to use i heavy amounts. It contains an extremely valuable but hard to find antioxidant called hydroxytyrosol. This is one of the most sought after free radicals in skin care. It protects all layers of the scalp and skin against free radical damage to the skin. One of the best anti aging compounds. Great for anti sun formulations

Avocado Oil is thick and oil but great for dry skin and hair. Necessary for any scar reducing or anti inflammation formulations.  Often used for age spots while significantly softening skin. It rates a 3 on the comedogenic scale, and is can be eaten as well. the highest so far on the comedogenic scale. Which means others are less pore clogging for those with prone to breakouts skin.

Coconut oil for the very best in natural beauty! It is highly moisturizing and contains caprylic acid along with other compounds that will add strong antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammation abilities. It is pretty high on the comedogenic scale with a 4. In contrast, fractionated coconut oil is liquid at room temperature (great for infusions) and significantly less likely to clog pores. We typically always use fractionated coconut oil in our formulations because of results and how easy it is to with

Hemp Seed Oil is the absolute best by being the least comedogenic of all the carrier oils. It has a ZERO rating! It is a very light oil and absorbs deep and fast. This is because the amino acid and faty acid profile are almost identical to our own skin's sebum. Hemp oil is a great choice for any skin type, reduces inflammation, fine lines and acne – It is one of the best for anti redness, rosacea and eczema.

Argan Oil or Moroccan oil is amazing for hair and skin. It has as gentle approach but it is highly moisturizing. The comedogenic rating is zero.In general this amazing skin oil has been proven to prevent sun and free radical damage, reduce facial and forehead lines. Known to really help with oily scalp and hair by reducing excess oil production> it will soften skin and reduces scarring the evens out the discoloration associated with scarring and stretch marks 

Safflower Oil works for both dry, irritated skin or oily, acne-prone skin. It is also a very low score on the comedogenic scale with is a 0. Not heavy at all it will easily penetrate to the deepest levels.Extremely moisturizing and healing. Safflower oil will also balance natural skin and scalp sebum levels and also help to remove buildup on the skin, sebum plugs and also unclog skin pores. It can be eaten.

Sunflower Seed Oil has very similar properties to Safflower oil, listed above. However, it is even higher in Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and reduces or repairs skin damage. Note that sunflower seed oil comes in either high, moderate, and low oleic acid content. Choosing an oil on the lower end will make it close to zero on the comedogenic scale! Sunflower Seed oil is edible.

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