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Sticky Sebum, Sweat, Yeast Make For a Scalp Gunk an Buildup That Causes Hair Problems In Men and Women

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What's That Nasty Buildup On Your Scalp That Looks Bad and Smells Worse?

The answer is that over time a build up on your scalp and also inside the hair follicle can happen that stats as a rather mild problem but can end up one that you regret over time. The buildup is one thing but what occurs over time is quite another and can cause numerous problems.

Why Should I Worry About the White Scalp Gunk or Product Build Up On My Scalp?

Because the white scalp junk or gunk that you are seeing the result of years of buildup and not just from shampoos and hair gels or sprays. It comes from much more. The sticky sebum that you have on your head collects at the pores or hair follicle openings. When mixed with hair product residue, sweat, yeast, fungus and bacteria you can get quite the cocktail for bad hair problems. 

1) Slow Hair Growth

2) Itchy Head Especially at Follicle Opening

3) White Waxy Scalp Buildup

4) Scalp Inflammation

5) Clogged Hair Follicles

6) Thinning Hair / Flat Looking Hair

Controlling the amount of sebum buildup on the scalp is important and Zincplex hair products are the best way to do this but remember that they herbs in Zincplex do an amazing job of removing the years of buildup on the outter part of the hair follicle but also they cleanse out the sebum plugs that are down and around the inner part of the hair root. These are best selling products for women and men that want to remove the clogged hair follicles and pores as well as the white waxy scalp buildup. Do this and we promise that the smelly hair and scalp that you might have will visibly go away and the itching and flaking will handled better than with any product that you have used in the past. 

What Are Some of the Causes of Scalp Buildup


This can be caused by not washing hair enough, poor diet, excess sebum production, using too many styling products with silicones or waxes. You can wash your hair every day or every other day with shampoos that may actually cause more problems because of the residue that they leave. Get your diet up to a balanced level and take some natural herbs that break down the mix of sebum, yeast, candida, microbes and more. Use less styling products and especially those that use dimethicone and avoid anything that doesn't have water in it! I am having trouble thinking of the word but like one product is oil based while another is water based... when you are conditioning use herbs and natural ingredients instead of dimethicone which can coat the hair and scalp and prevent it from breathing poperly and when you are shampooing use oil. Wash both ends on separate occasions so they don't get mixed with one another if ya know what I mean! If all this doesn't work see a doctor for testing

What Are Some Herbs That Help Remove Scalp Buildup:

Answer: Herbs! It looks like a new study was published, suggesting that certain herbs from the Thyme & Sage showed strong antimicrobial activity against dermatological maladies. QUORA QUESTION

Herbalism relies upon a tradition of using plants for medicinal and religious purposes, but many plants are used as "chemical factories" to produce drugs, medications, or more potent herbal products. A recent study looking at the medically significant effects of Thyme and Sage found several promising compounds which can germs without side-effects. This herbal candidate has been adopted by traditional Chinese herbology for centuries as an antipyretic which decreases fever and relieves pain and also help to eliminate foreign microbes. Remember that buildup is not just based on sebum but also the yeast and often times bacteria or fungus that gets mixed in.