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What The Best Shampoo For Greasy Roots and Hair in Women and Men

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Greasy Roots and Hair - What Works Long Term

When it comes to greasy hair roots, scalp and oily hair there are some different shampoo and other scalp treatments that will literally strip the hair and the roots of the sebum but the long term benefits can actually be worse than the short benefits of removing sebum build up on the scalp and and also the oils

What Role Does Sebum Play i Hair and Scalp Health

Sebum is important. If you are reading this then it is because you typically have grease build up or an over abundance of sebum. However, the lack of sebum over a longer period of time is also just as bad. You go from buildup to breakage. The trick is to have the correct amount. This is why Clarifying Shampoos can be very dangerous. Stripping the hair actually sends a signal to sebum gland to over produce and longer term it can actually be a worse problem.

How to Get Rid of Excess Sebum or Grease On The Roots, Scalp and Hair?

Depending on your situation the best way to handle greasy hair and hair follicles is to use a mineral called zinc pca. This mineral has been shown to regulate the amount of sebum or grease that the glands in the follicles put out when used in a shampoo or conditioner or even a scalp treatment type cream or lotion. The brand best known for helping customers with their oily hair and scalp is Zincplex. You will get great results by not over drying the hair. It is also amazing for scalp problems such as itching, flaking, slow hair growth due to clogged hair follicles and leave hair full and not thin or flat looking that can often occur. There is no weight in the shampoo or conditioner to weight down the hair. 


Oily Hair Shampoo

Sticky Sebum and Sweat Can Cause Yeast and Fungus Problems In Hair Including Smelly Hair

A lot of our customers complain of greasy conditions on the scalp but also other side lying conditions or scalp issues such as Smelly Scalp, My Hair Smells When I'm Sweating or Even Smelly Scalp When I Get Out Of The Shower. All of these are a sign that the scalp oils have hardened inside the follicle and created scalp plugs on sebum scalp plugs. This can happen in men and women. Please note that the clogged scalp pores can also be unclogged with Zincplex Shampoo or The Zincplex Mineral Scalp Scrub.

A Scalp Scrub works by using the fine sea salts to use abrasion to work on opening the clogged hair follicles or scalp pores from the outside. The mild abrasion is really good to removed hardened but also the soft white gunk build up that teens, men and women complain of. This is often times seen in bad dandruff or even seborrheic dermatitis or seborrheic eczema conditions that people suffer from. 

Very Important Read This - Why We Carry These Hair Products

Remove the excess build up on the head and the symptoms associated with these Scalp Conditions and Diseases will drastically reduce. Check out the Different Zincplex products at Southern Sisters Designs.com - we have sold over 150,000 orders and counting. We carry these beauty products because we, ourselves suffered from some of the same issues that our customers are dealing with. These products worked for us and in some cases really change the quality of our lives!