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Crusty Scalp Build Up - What Can You For Short Term and Long Term Results?

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Custy Scalp Was A Problem I Was Ready To Get Rid Of

It has been about 20 years since I was first introduced to the Zincplex products for a healthy scalp. My problem was that I was having what I referred to as really bad dandruff that was accompanied by an oily, excessive sebum buildup. It was flaking really bad but it was also this golden yellow color where the flakes where. I tried the typical Head and Shoulders, T Gel, Selsun and the others but while they did stop it a little, none of the results were really worth talking about.

It was when I was really struggling with it that I meant a chemist that was talking about a shampoo that would really help an overly oily, waxy build up on the scalp. He was using the latest herbs and also a mineral called zinc pca. This mineral was not the typical zinc. It had a pca chain added and it was tested. The tests showed that it was naturally anti bacterial as well as anti fungal. I had done enough research to know that the flaking was probably because of the fugus called Malasezzia. What I didn't know at the time was that the fungus feeds on scalp oils, the excess sebum. I also didn't know that my pores or follicles were most likely clogged from the hardened sebum.

1) Hardened Sebum on the scalp and inside the follicle allows bacteria to breed inside the follicles since it cannot be cleansed out by regular shampoos

2) Fungus, such as the fungi that causes dandruff flaking and itching feeds on excessive scalp oils. When mixed this can cause a crusty scalp build up that most shampoos cannot touch.

3) The fungus, bacteria and dirt can create itchy scalp sores, almost like hot spots

4) Zinc pca and herbs like thyme, budrock and others can irrigate and deep cleanse the hair follicle helping to break down the hair follicle and scalp plugs that are hardened sebum

To get rid of scalp buildup and crusty scalp problems, the overly oily issues and of course often times the itching, flaking and burning that can come that almost seems like bad dandruff, you must re-balance the scalp by deep cleansing the hair follicles and an overly oily scalp, roots etc. Then let the zinc pca work to regulate the sebum gland reduce the amount of sebum that is produced by the gland inside the follicle. With all this happening the result is a balanced scalp and follicle and healthy hair. An Oily scalp shampoo needs to reate a healthy environment and not just strip (what most would call a clarifying shampoo ). However, stripping or clarifying is not the answer. 

Zincplex Scalp Build Up Shampoo

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