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Sexy Bachelorette Gift For Firefighter Fiance or Costume For Wife

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Best Bachelorette Gift For Fire Fighters Fiance or Girlfriend

When we 1st came up with this sexy boy short idea it wasn't that we thought of it as a great gift for a fire fighter's girlfriend, fiance or wife but that is exactly what this has turned out to be. In Case of Emergency Pull is printed on the women's panty on the rear and it is the best selling gift that we have for women's bachelorette party when you are giving a novelty, gag gift but they are actually premium panties. Many use these for a sexy dress up costume as well for parties or even surprises.

Fire Fighter Fiance Bachelorette Gift Sexy

Top 5 Panties To Give The New Bride for Honeymoon or Super Funny

Here is A Quick Blog Post That We Have Been Getting A Lot Of Question About - Wedding Panties for The Bride. Many of your are looking for some really good bride lingerie gifts. What can you get the bride to be for the honeymoon, wedding night or maybe even a quick flash here and there [...]

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