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Excessively Oily Scalp and The Hair and Skin Problems It Can Cause

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Excessively Oily Scalp and Hair Problems Solved - Read This!

If you have any issues with excessive sebum on the scalp or hair follicles including eyebrows or beards then Make Sure To Read This. The information that you find in here took me over 15 years to accumulate and it changed my life.

I am Paige and I have suffered from the same problem for years but this one problem- excessive sebum has led to a ton of conditional problems: I suffered from:

1) Oily Scalp Itching and Flaking

2) Slow Hair Growth and Thinning from Clogged Hair Follicles

3) Seborrheic Dermatitis Symptoms which including scalp sores, scabs and intense itching in spots and around my hairline

4) Dandruff or Flakes of the Eyebrows and Redness around my nose, corners of my mouth and inside my ears.

5) Yellow or White Scalp Gunk Buildup (clogs follicles)

Those are just a few of the issues that came from the excessively oily scalp and skin. Now if you went to a Doctor or Dermatologist they are going to tell you that you have Seborrhea or Seborrheic Dermatitis and then to put it in laymen's terms they might tell you that you are allergic to your own sebum. They will probably prescribe  that they think is the best seborrheic dermatitis shampoo but these are usually heavily medicated.

And while this might help you to understand it is very far from the truth!

The Truth About Too Much Sebum On The Head!

Yes, the medical terms that are used are probably somewhat appropriate but don't focus on that. Simply focus on cutting down the amount of oils that the sebum gland is producing and make sure to unclog the hair follicles. 

1) Sebum inside hair follicles can become hardened in overly oily conditions. It can mix with sweat, dirt, residue from cheaper shampoos and conditioners as well as hair treatments that include dimethicone and other synthetic hair coating agents. All of these need to be cleansed away and the sebum plugs need to be removed.

2) The only shampoo that ever worked for me ZINCPLEX. I also use the conditioner, scalp scrub and spot lotion.

Here is A Picture of Sebum Plugs In The Hair Follicle!

Every Thing that you see is this picture would be down below the hair line. Believe it or not this is a hair that was gently pulled from the head. You should see a normal hair bulb and the hair shaft.That would be the green and somewhat yellow parts.

However, what you are seeing is the build up of a golden color sebum that is covered with bacteria and dirt and this often times causes itchy scalp sores that bleed or ooze. This is very typical in both men and women that have hair growth issues but also those with excessively oil scalp and combination scalp problems such as itching, flaking, scalp sores, scalp scabbing and intense spots of itching on the crown of the head, back of the head and around the hairline. 

Yes, there is a fungus component but by cleansing away all of this below the hair line you will open up the normal flow of scalp oils (not too much) and normal conditions will return. Many ask why do I have crusty scalp sores and scabs that won't go away or heal easily? The answer is that the scalp is not balanced correctly and the amount of sebum in excessive. These both go hand in hand in getting a long term solution for a healthy scalp and healthier hair growth. 

We Only Know Of One Shampoo and Hair Products Brand That Can Open Clogged Hair Follicles and Sebum Plugs

This is a more normal looking hair under the microscope but here you will still see bacteria buildup on the root bulb of the hair. Remember that this is where the hair is multiplying at rapid rate. It is called the dermal papilla and the matrix cells are multiplying and dividing very fast. Remove the buildup and restore proper flow of air and nutrition!

How Can You Do This?

Zincplex! You Really Need To Learn More about this shampoo, scalp lotion and also scalp scrub!

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