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Crystallized or Crusty Sebum Build Up On Your Scalp - Here Is How TO Clean The Follicles - Pores

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How To Clean Crusty, Hardened, Crystallized Sebum Buildup On The Scalp

Crusty, Hardened, Crystallized, Sebum Balls or Beads are much more common than you think and they can affect both men and women equally. Many people believe that is just residue from hair gels, shampoos or other hair products that is left in their hair and if they use a good clarifying shampoo then all will be good. However, that is almost always never the case. - The sebum build up click here - primarily comes from the sebacceous gland and to be more precise the excess production of these oils. There are many different reasons why there is an excess and why it is not washing away that easily but the most important is definitely that it is producing too much. Staying general helps you to understand that by using certain products with very specific herbs and minerals you will see a great improvement in the quality of the oils produced (yes, they can be too thick and like sludge or they can be almost like a waxy build up ). Read Below For Great Solutions...

Oily and Dry Hair Solutions For All The Buildup

Going back 20 years ago the main solution that people had for build up was just simple clarifying shampoos. The a product Brand Zincplex came onto the market and changed everything about the health of scalp pores and hair follicles. For the 1st time the root itself was being cleansed with a blended batch of herbs and a zinc derivative. This gave lasting results to not only excess sebum on the scalp that would turn crusty or hard but also to those that suffered the consequences that come further down the line from the excess sebum such as clogged scalp pores that allow bacteria, fungus and mites to harbor in the follicle and under the plugs. The plugs and hardened sebum are not removed with just  regular shampoos and the itching, flaking, slowed down hair growth are all a result that comes over time with the excess sebum. Zincplex became the #1 brand for scalp issues, sebum plugs, scalp buildup, optimal hair growth and probably hands down the best solution for those that were diagnosed with dandruff or oily hair and itchy scalp or seborrheic dermatitis or eczema.

Oily Scalp Dandruff Called Seborrheic Dermatitis

Introducing The Scalp Scrub Clean Hair and Scalp and Opening Sebum Plugs

Now There is another product added by Zincplex that when used with the Zincplex Shampoo is the best 1-2 Punch on the market. This is the Mineral Scalp Scrub and as we said This Product uses the same herbs and minerals but has a slight abrasion with the fine salts that were added. These mineral salts are also very healing as they are from the Dead Sea and help the outter layer of the scalp to build up its outter most protective layer to keep away the fungus, mites and bacteria to name a few.

Scalp Scrub For Dandruff and Oily Hair

If you have bleach scabs or sores from a chemical treatment then make sure to use the Emu Oil before using a scalp scrub. It is important to heal the scar the way that it should be healed to prevent long term scarring and lack of hair growth in the spot. When it comes to seborrheic eczema Zincplex shampoo and also the mineral scrub are suggested. 

However, scalp psoriasisscalp psoriasis or dry scalp type problems it is much better to use just the scrub and not the shampoo as it is also good for excess sebum or oily scalp conditions but not dry.