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Our Newest Funny Bachelorette Panties and Bridal Thongs That Are Making A Big Splash for Brides to Be

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Its Almost April and We Have More Bachelorette and Bridal Thongs and Panties Both Funny and Sexy

We are rolling out a few new ones to the website but they are top sellers in just a short period of time. When trying to find the best funny panties that can almost be like a gag panty gift with adult humor we have you covered. Weddings are great but the bridal showers and also the bachelorette parties need to be memorable and one of the best ways to do that is with memorable gifts. At the very top is the # bachelorette party gift which are funny thongs and also funny panties and many times both or a set of a couple. Of course these are also perfect for honeymoon lingerie.

1) Pink Camo Lingerie Panties with Wild Game printed on the rear of the pink camo lingerie panties. We sell a lot of these as sexy camouflage lingerie is always at the top of the list. It goes along with wedding themes like buck and doe and also the hunt is over. Country wedding country lingerie at its finest. 

Southern Sisters Wild Game Camo Womens Boy Shorts Underwear Hunting Pattern

2) I Could Use A Stiff One funny thongs for women is one of the better sellers with the silver gloss font that everyone loves. These are great for bridal showers and of course bachelorette parties. 

Funny Thongs For Women

3) Thicker Than A Snicker Funny Underwear For Women especially funny bridal underwear for the bride or bachelorette gifts for the brides that love their thickness in the thighs and butt. 

Southern Sisters Thicker Than A Women's Sexy Panty Novelty Funny

4) My Other Ride Is A Beard For Brides To Be or Fiancés that are marrying men with beards. Funny Beard Underwear for bride to be. Also check out our entire section on camouflage lingerie for women with many different bra, panty, thong, camisole options. Sexy Camo lingerie is a top seller each and every year for many different occasions. 

Southern Sisters My Other Ride Is A Beard Women's Panty Novelty Funny


Check out some of other blog posts that are perfect for finding new ideas for all the different bridal shower and wedding as well as bachelorette party gift ideas that deal with funny panty options including funny panties with sayings, theme based women's underwear for example funny panties for marrying a fire fighter or police officer or maybe funny womens underwear for bride to be of a soldier and many others. 

Star Wars Thongs For Women that may be brides to be that love Star Wars Movies or maybe the Groom Does. These are sexy and feature Yoda on the front telling you to use the force! We love these. There is also a separate listing that allows you to customize and add a name. 

Sexy Yoda Thong For Women

Check Out Funny Cat Underwear For Women is one of the most popular that we sell. This come in boy shorts and also in a ladies black thong for the sexy black cat. Cat Got Your Tongue and of course you can see where the cat is. These are also big sellers for unique bridal shower and crazy bachelorette parties that are of course are doing the panty game. These are similar to Oral Me, Sexy Thongs that you see out there of course insinuating certain things.

Oral Funny Bride To Be Panties

Tonight Is Bottoms Up Country Girls Sexy thong PantyCountry Western Thongs for women. These are great for fiancé soon the be brides that love Country Music or are Having country wedding themes. These sexy thongs are available in pink, black or white. Jason, Blake, Miranda and other country music artist have definitely inspired us for a few designs.

Tonight Is Bottoms Up Thong Country and Western Panty

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