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Scalp Burns and Scab Treatments with Healing Oils

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What Can You Do About Scalp Burns From Bleach Perms Coloring and Chemicals?

You would be surprised how many people deal with burns on the scalp from many different things ranging from scalp issues like dandruff, from itching too much and especially from the chemicals that can burn your delicate skin on your head that include bleach or bleaching treatments for the hair, perms, relaxers, chemical straightening and more. These can damage the scalp and the hair in a pretty big way. But what can you do about them once the burn has happened. The result can be in a scalp scab that is easily irritated. Many people complain that these scabs won't go away or they take a long time to heal. They can scar and they can even prevent hair from growing where the burn actually occurs.

What Can You Do About the Scabs and Scars From Burns On The Head

It is important to react fast. Don't want for burns to fester before getting help. One of the best oils that you can use is emu oil for scalp burn scabs on the scalp and anywhere on the body. Emu Oil is considered the top healing oil and has been studied and tested for scabs, burns, acne scars, skin scars and much more. It is considered antibacterial and anti fungal and does an amazing job of reducing inflammation but also by giving the delicate skin all that it needs to produce healthy new skin cells. The more important thing is finding a High Grade or Premium Grade Emu Oil. This is the most important part as many companies sell oils that have been cut or filtered way down. You want the premium natural oil with all the fatty acids. These fatty acids in their natural form are amazing for skin and hair growth. Also available in Emu Oil Shampoo and Conditioner (click here) as well as other beauty products.

Scalp Burn Scabs

The oil is also amazing for thin skin. It helps for skin to shed and reproduce as it should. And when it does reproduce it does help with creating the longer skin collagen fiber which is best for skin elasticity versus sagging. If you are dealing with any type of scarring on the scalp or face, stomach, body or scabs from any type of burn or cut then definitely try Emu Oil. If you are still not sure then do some research on this amazing golden oil and see why it is the leader of the healing oils. 

When dealing with scalp burns from bleaching hair make sure to understand that you need to move fast. If you are not getting the emu oil on the burn fast then odds are that scarring is already occurring. When scarring is happening you can bet that the follicle is being fused together and this skin overgrowth will trap the hair and may either minimize or eliminate the possibility of thick hair growth. This is for all hair types including black curly hair, wavy and all nationalities. Make sure to get to the problem quickly. 

If you are simply looking to deep cleanse hair follicles including deep down inside where hardened sticky sebum can build up then our Zincplex Extra Strength is one of the best products to do this with. Also check out the mineral scalp scrub to open clogged pores on the head from the exterior. Clear the scalp gunk and junk and watch your hair thrive