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Ever Used A Scalp Scrub For Dandruff or Product Build Up

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This Weeks Hair Care Product Review

If you are gonna try one beauty product this year then you need read this about this one. If you start doing a little research on hair and some of the problems then you will keep coming back to a common theme - what is that theme you are asking? Simple - how Healthy Is Your Scalp and the answer will also tell you how healthy your hair is.

Scalp Scrub For Product Build Up and Clogged Hair Follicles

Many people don't know the difference between dandruff and product buildup. It can be a waxy mixture of sebum, scalp oils and keratin along with sweat and product residue or is could be true dandruff that is most likely caused by a fungus that lives on the scalp but can get a little out of control causing the white flakes. It flakes are golden or yellow well then it is most likely because your sebacceous gland is putting out too much oil but that happens a lot of times because some of the hair follicles are clogged or the fungus is inside the follicle. The excess sebum happens because it is trying to push through the blocked openings and remove the crusty build buildup or it is trying to irrigate the follicle itself to flush out the fungus and even bacteria.

Almost all women and men have some of the scalp pores clogged from the oils that have hardened an become crusty or because of the product build up click here but most likely from a combination of the above and also sweat and things like pollution in the air that attach to the scalp oils or sticky hair products like gel and hair spray. 

The Real Question Isn't If There Are Clogs - It's How Do You Open the Follicle

The answer is a good scalp scrub but before you run out and get a super cheap one make sure to understand that the abrasion of the salts will exfoliate the skin on the head but what you need is something that will help to get down inside the follicles and that is much easier said that done. Herbs are one of the best solutions. You need herbs that are designed to irrigate and flush while breaking down hardened and crusty part of the oils. The Scalp Scrub that we researched for Dandruff, Slow Hair Growth, Clogged Follicles and more ended up Being The Zinc Exfoliant. This is because we weren't getting the results that we wanted until we found the herbal based. Yes the salts are abrasive and help but the herbs are what melts the clogs away. It is like a good liquid draino.

Scalp Scrub For Dandruff

We also suggest using those same herbs on a regular basis to help open follicles. You will get some results with just one use but you really to use these products for a while. Also check our the Zinc hair shampoo in the extra strength form that was designed for this very reason. There are lot of important parts to the shampoo to help get the scalp healthy again and it starts by cleaning the outter layer and then the deep follicle. Most shampoos are not designed to do this. Most that claim to will strip away the most important part of the skin on the head that prevents the fungus and yeast and even bacteria from hurting or entering the scalp skin.