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How Can I Get Rid of Sebum Beads on My Scalp and Yellow Buildup

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What Causes Sebum Beads and Yellow Crusty Scalp Build Up Or Dandruff

For nearly 20 Years I suffered with Excess Sebum Scalp Issues until I Found A Brand of Shampoo and Scalp Scrub called Zincplex. This is the only thing that ever worked for me. However, it took some time for me to understand what was actually going on with my scalp.

Sebum is natural part of what is supposed to happen on the scalp and it is supposed to move from the root all the way to the top of the hair. This function is vital because it keeps the protective layers of the hair and the scalp in tact.

If the protective layer are not in tact then scalp conditions can start or they can get much worse. At any time different fungus, bacteria, yeast and mites are trying to work their way into your scalp skin. When this happens you get the itching, flaking, inflammation etc. 

The Intent of sebum is to protect. However when it is excessive it can cause build up especially when it is mixed with other hair product residue or even the normal yeast and fungus that lives on the scalp. In fact if sebum is allowed to be come stagnant then it actually becomes a food source for these foreign invaders.

The key is to keep the scalp surface but also the inside of the hair follicle clean. This is vital - yet most products do nothing to deep cleanse the hair follicles, the root, where buildup can become hard and difficult to get rid of.

Crystals or Crusty Bumps, Scabs, Buildup, Balls, Flakes are all a sign of an unhealthy scalp!

What Works for This Build Up - Long Term Results?

I searched over 20 years with some success but nothing lasting until I found Zincplex Extra Strength Scalp Cleanser for Buildup and Then Also I Use The Zincplex Scalp Scrub.

The reason why these work are the focus that they give on unclogging scalp pores and the hair follicles that allow the scalp oils to flow as they should. This is vital to prevent may of the scalp conditions that we mentioned before. 

However, it is not a stripping or clarifying action. The herbs and Mineral Zinc wok to restore balance by limited the amount of excess sebum production. That is very important.

STEP 1 and  STEP 2: (if you are just going to Purchase 1 of these then get the Extra Strength Shampoo)

1) Step 1Mineral Scalp Scrub To Use Slight Abrasion To Open Up Hair Follicles From the Exterior

Exfoliate Scalp With SCrub


2) Step 2 - Scalp Cleanser by Zincplex - Regulates The Amount of Oils Being Produced and Irrigates inside the hair follicle.

Yellow Crust On Scalp Buildup

Ever Used A Scalp Scrub For Dandruff or Product Build Up

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